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Community Solutions MN is a group that was started by concerned citizens, who devoted themselves to the study of local politics, and are determined to restore principles that enhance individual liberty and fiscal responsibility. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that we can use to help you shorten your learning curve, and put actionable items into motion. While we do not endorse particular candidates, we do teach groups of concerned citizens how to get involved on the local level.

We are unique in that we put our best information out there for you to act on right away. We are frequently giving you our wealth of knowledge, ten years of study, in order to cut down your learning curve. We blog, put out a weekly podcast, and travel around the state doing keynote addresses and Q&A sessions. We want you to have the same passion for nonpartisan seats as we do.

Even with all of this great content we are continuously releasing, many people we speak to want to know, specifically, how do we implement this here, where we live? We are more than happy to discuss a package that works for you to get you the help and the information you need. Here are some ways we have helped others:

  • BPOU Training- If someone walked into your BPOU ready to run for local office, what do you have to give them? Don’t feel bad. We haven’t met a BPOU yet that has an answer to that question. What is a BPOU’s role in local elections? We will teach you how local politics work, how your area is organized, what your local issues are, how a BPOU can and should support local candidates, recruiting strategies, building a farm team, and much, much more in this customized course.
  • Activist Training- Have you watched things in your city begin to not make sense to you? Are you frustrated by increasing taxes, development tends that seem out of place for your community, or an unresponsive city hall? There is a logical explanation for all of this. Every community needs a watchdog, and if you are at all interested in reversing these trends, this training is for you. We will teach you how local government works, how it’s organized, and what issues you should be concerned with in your area. We will teach you how to run a blog, a podcast, and use social media to get the word out. We will also share tactics that have worked for us to help turn the tide.
  • Candidate Training- Have you ever thought about running for office? Too many people get starry eyes and want to throw their hat in at the state or federal level before they ever get experience at the local level. This is the place to start. This is where you have the room to learn what works and doesn’t work in campaigning. This is where you begin to gain name recognition and a reputation. It will only help you if you want to someday run for higher office. In this training that is customized for your area, we will teach you all about your city’s comprehensive plan, budget, and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). We will teach you how to build a team, build a personal brand, fund raise, and how to run an effective campaign.
  • Newly Elected Official Training- So you won? Congratulations! Now what do you do? I don’t have to tell you how daunting all of this seems. We will review your city documents and organization, as well as current issues in your city, so you can walk in prepared to govern. We teach you about  the groups that want to have a say in your city’s policies and organization. We will give you strategies to deal with over zealous city staff members. We will also educate you on ways to keep your  constituents engaged. A must for anyone that is newly elected to a local governing body.
  • Individual consulting and strategy- Do you want help with a specific race, setting up a blog, or independent research? We are here to help. We bring experience and our previous victories to the table to help you make the most out of your campaign to change the area in which you live. We are available for individual consulting and strategy work to help you cross the finish line.

Nobody else in the state of Minnesota does what we do around local politics. Whether you want us to develop and deliver a customized training, hire us for consulting or strategy work, or just have us come to do a Keynote/Q&A session with your group, fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you  shortly to discuss how we can best help you!

Thank you so much!

Community Solutions MN


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