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Community Solutions Podcast- School Choice

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew take a break from city issues and talk education. School choice: few topics seem so clear cut but are so contentious. Why? In a world where we have public, private, charter, and home schools, what’s the harm in finding what works for you and your child? I don’t think most reasonable people would argue that, but when vouchers are brought up? Oh boy, get out of the way! We’re going to walk through this landmine-ridden field tonight and see if we can help make sense of it all for you. We’ll at least give you some things to think about.


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Community Solutions Podcast- Race Relations and Local Government

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew try to parse through a very touchy subject. We actually recorded this before the verdict in the Yanez case came out, and the emotionally-fueled response that has erupted across social media and into the streets. We had just gone through our own Black Lives Matter protest in Crystal. We wanted to try and take the emotion out of it, and look at it academically. Local governments like to tout the word “resiliency”, but many haven’t planned for how to handle an upset of their peace and order, or how to make sure that freedom is applied equally to everyone in the first place, so that as a generation comes of age, they can live the American dream. These are just some of the deep topics we will discuss today. Plus, what’s a protest without a little Johnny B news, eh?

June 21, 2017 at 12:44 pm 1 comment

Community Solutions Podcast- Climate Cities

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew decide to discuss the Paris Climate Agreement. Why discuss a national/international issue? Because after President Trump announced that the United States was going to back out of the agreement, a number of governors and mayors piped up to say that they were going to keep the dream alive. Groups like climate-mayors have thrown their hats in the ring to make sure that they never give up on the fulfilling the tenets of the agreement. That means more taxes and regulation for you, the individual. We recently said that they would go around legislatures to implement cap and trade at the local level… again we were proved right. Sit back and enjoy!

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Community Solutions Podcast- Guest: Crystal Mayor Jim Adams

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew go back to our roots and have a chat with Crystal Mayor, Jim Adams. After talking with the folks from New Brighton last week, it reminded us so much of where we started, that we thought it was time we revisit our origin. What happens when people stand up to abusive power and begin to govern. Do things really change? In short, absolutely they can. Maybe you read Jason’s recent article on Crystal. We’re going to discuss that stuff in depth, and more. What’s it like to actually govern? Can a city council stand up to the pressures of high density housing, complete streets, and “free” money? The answer is yes, and this podcast is about to give you a ton of hope for your city.

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Community Solutions Podcast- New Brighton

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew sit down with current New Brighton, MN City Council Member, Gina Bauman, and candidate for New Brighton City Council, Susan Erickson. Their story so mirrors ours, that we had to have them tell it. From working for months to get enough signatures on a petition to get something on the ballot, to shady tricks to disqualify that petition, and an attempt to reclaim their community. Their story is inspirational, but still unfolding. This story is, unfortunately, all too common once someone stands up to try and really challenge the current power structure. We’re here to tell you you can fight city hall, and this is how such stories begin.

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Community Solutions Podcast- Episode 11- Coalition of Greater MN Cities

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew introduce the Coalition of Greater MN Cities. Andrew did a write up on it here with additional information. Yes, it, another group that uses our tax dollars to lobby for more tax dollars. It is a group that uses the Develop MN 2016 Plan to form their policies. It subscribes to the NADO, MADO, Regional Planning Organization chain of command. If you live outside the metro area, this is a must listen. If you live in the metro area, it will help you understand not only what goes on outside of the Twin Cities, but some of how what you pay in taxes are used and how the Met Council does business. Either way, buckle in, because it will be well worth your time!

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Community Solutions Podcast- Episode 10- Local or County Police

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew use the recent situation in Forest Lake, MN to discuss whether it is advantageous to have local police or county police (if you were only to have one). In Forest Lake, the city council voted to disband the local PD, in favor of using the Washington County Sheriff’s office. The city council quickly reversed their decision after a huge uproar in the community. We dig in and discuss what we feel caused this, and why it is imperative that a city council communicate with its residents instead of making decisions in a silo. This is a conversation that has been occurring in more and more communities. Make sure you know both sides of this argument before you have explain your views.

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