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On The Up and At ‘Em Show- Episode 332

Up and at Em

We once again joined Jack and Ben on the Up and At “Em show (Episode 332) to tell our story and promote our addition to the PodBabble podcast network! We’re joining a number of other great podcasts about everything from dating to sports, to libertarianism. Feel free to listen to them all… just make sure to listen to ours first! That’s a lot of ways you can now get our podcast. In addition to PodBabble or linking to it on YouTube from here, you can also find it at it’s home on, or by typing “Community Solutions” into iTunes, the Google Play store, or Spotify. No more excuses! Listen. Share. Pay it forward. Thank you so much!


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Community Solutions Podcast- But This is Free Money!


In this episode, Jason and Andrew are talking about grants. Don’t check out on this one. Grants fund a number of projects in your city, and/or county, and/or park district, and/or school district, etc, etc… These projects are heralded, because someone else is paying for it. It’s “free” money. Is it really free? Who pays for these grants? Are you sure that you don’t? Every grant has strings attached. It pays for all or part of a project being done in a specific way, and is often with disregard to the character, history, or population of the community that is slated to receive the grant. It can be as simple as putting lights on a little league field to as complex as redesigning a city center to meet the environmental “standards” du jour. So tune in and share with your community!

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Community Solutions Podcast- Talkin’ Baseball

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It’s Thanksgiving week, so we thought we’d do something a little different. In this episode, Jason and Andrew welcome their friend “The Closer” Brad Carlson from 1280am The Patriot’s Northern Alliance Radio Network. We’ve been on Brad’s show many times before, and it was nice to return the favor. We wanted to have a little fun so we decided to sit down and talk some baseball. This turned into an epic discussion that actually has some really important tie-ins to local elections. You will want to tune in just for that.

We apologize for the sound quality on Brad’s mic. It happened in recording, so we did what we could to minimize it in post production. Unfortunately, it’s still not super clear, but it is a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy this one, as we talk history, minor leagues, and sabermetrics!

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Community Solutions Podcast- Why We Hate Odd Year Elections

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In this episode, Andrew and Jason have a lot to say. They start out discussing an e-mail from Robbinsdale School District 281 about interviewing a number of architectural firms to create “inviting classrooms”, based on their Unified District Vision. This seems to us like more mumbo jumbo, designed to ask for more money from taxpayers in order to get their schools updated and renovated. Nobody says “no” when it’s for the kids, right? We break it down for you, because this will surely become a trend in other school districts. Then we get into the results from a number of local races in 2017, and why odd year elections are absolutely one of the worst things man has ever conceived.

Hey, did I mention the podcast is now on iTunes and Google Play? Just search Community Solutions.  Please download it and share it with everyone you know. Thank you!!!

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Help Wanted: An Opportunity for Third Parties to Govern

Help Wanted

by Jason Bradley

Here is an article I wrote for the monthly newsletter of a Minnesotan third party organization. I thought it was worth repeating:

It’s no secret, America has a two party system. Republicans and Democrats have ruled the landscape since the demise of the Whig Party in 1854. George Washington warned us about political parties, “by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”  The third party is an important part of the American political landscape.

Third parties give Americans a chance to vote their conscience. It’s been difficult, however, for them to break through at the federal and state levels of politics. So, how do third parties break through? One school of thought is to keep pressing to get that magical 5% that will gain them major party status, and then to repeat the feat in state after state. That is the hard way.

I propose that there is an easier way to gain your candidates name recognition and real world governing experience. That is through getting involved in nonpartisan elections like for city council, school board, and county commissions. No one knows what party you belong to, and it gives you an amazing advantage. I know these races can seem like small potatoes, but it really is the entry level position to play in the governing game. We tend to set our sights on higher office, without respecting the process that it takes to get there. It takes patience. Minnesota has 1,790 townships, 853 cities, 87 counties, and 328 school districts. Add in park boards, soil and water conservation seats, and all of these bodies’ appointed commissions, and we figure there are over 30,000 nonpartisan seats available in Minnesota alone. There’s no reason third parties can’t hold a number of those seats.

How do I know this? I live in the Fifth Congressional District, which is held by Keith Ellison. It is about 60/40 Democrat. Yet, in the city of Crystal, we figured out a way to rally the community to vote out the entire city council (of endorsed Democrats) from office. The previous city council was not acting in the best interest of the residents, and we formed a group called Community Solutions MN in response to change Crystal’s government. As we have educated ourselves, we feel like we needed to take our message across the state of MN, as most cities face the same issues.

We have helped to coach, mentor, train, and educate BPOUs, activist groups, candidates, and newly elected officials on how local government is organized, how it operates, how to run a competitive election race, and how to tell the story of and for your community that helps them become educated on local issues. We have helped others to win local elections in places outside of Crystal, as well. I am confident that these results can be repeated statewide.

What can you do? First and foremost, get on a city, county, or school board advisory commission. Just go to their offices and fill out an application. They will interview you, and once they vote you in, you are instantly put in a place to give feedback and advice to the governing body. It’s usually only one evening per month. Some are fewer. That’s not a lot to ask. Secondly, run or help someone run for local office. Once you get on a commission, you start to build experience that you can use on a resume to run for office. Start local.

Community Solutions MN is a resource for like-minded people that want to get involved locally. We run a blog and a podcast filled with nine years of local knowledge. We want to share it all with you. We answer your questions, because we don’t want you to feel alone. We also can create customized training for groups or individuals, along with providing strategy for specific localities. Together, we can win.

Jason Bradley is an entrepreneur in the music industry (Jason Bradley Live and Paper Lanterns Intl) and owns a consulting/advocacy/education firm that specializes in non-partisan politics (Community Solutions MN). Jason Bradley helps others to reach their goals in music and reduce the size and influence of government.

Jason on Google+

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Community Solutions Podcast- Ranked Choice Voting

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First off, super important, breaking news! If you have a smart phone (and who doesn’t) you can now subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Just type in Community Solutions, and you can hear every episode of The Community Solutions Podcast. You can binge listen, just like on Netflix! So please subscribe today and share with everyone you know! Let’s get the word out!

That leads us to this week’s episode. Today we are discussing Ranked Choice Voting. You may or may not have had exposure to this idea, but it is a very real thing, as cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul (and even the state of Maine!) have tried to go down this road. Does it give more opportunity to less popular parties, or just secure election for the most popular one? Does it allow for more clarity in the election process, or muddy the waters, allowing for questions in the result. Should cities decide how they vote, or the Secretary of State’s office? There are so many questions around this practice. I hope that this show will help you form an educated opinion about it.

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Community Solutions Podcast- Gas Tax or the BST?

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In this episode, Jason and Andrew discuss the gas tax in the state of Minnesota. How much is it? Who gets a piece of it? How is it spent? What roads are maintained with gas tax money? Where does Minnesota rank among the other 49 states? Who pays for what roads? Does the Metro get more than Greater Minnesota? How much money goes to roads and bridges verses transit and to bike paths? Being idea folks, we may have come up with a solution to all of this, because that’s what we do.

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