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Dropping by the Up and At ‘Em Show

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Jason and Andrew dropped by the Up and at ‘Em Show to talk to Jack and Ben. Talk quickly turned to comprehensive plans and city ordinances. We then sat in for the News Bag and a great conversation with Senator Dan Hall. Listen here: Up and at ‘Em podcast.

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Community Solutions MN Radio Podcast- President Trump: Are All Politics Local?


On our latest podcast, we thought that we’d discuss something a little different. We took a look at President Trump’s election, and how his policies might affect national and local governing. We talk about how the decisions made at the federal level can put pressure on local governments to accept federal dollars that aren’t necessarily in their best interest. We hope you enjoy it!

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Community Solutions Back on Up and at ‘Em

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Andrew and I were on the January 8th episode of Up and at ‘Em with Jack and Ben. In this episode we were able to discuss our story, and a little more about the nuts and bolts of how we do what we do. We also were able to discuss some of how we envision being able to make changes across the state. Tune in and share with others that want to make a change in their communities!

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Community Solutions on the Up and at ‘Em Show

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Listen here:

Right before Christmas, Andrew and I sat down with Jack and Ben on the Up and at ‘Em podcast to discuss local government. Newly-elected Crystal Council Member, Nancy LaRoche also joined us on the brown couch. It was full of laughs and a little serious stuff too. We discuss some of what’s been going on in Crystal, why it’s not been reproduced anywhere else, and how easy it really could be. Gather around the Christmas tree, tune in, and share with your loved ones!

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2016 Champlin Election Preview

In this episode, we examine the local races in Champlin, MN. We take a look at each contest and give you our expert opinion. Champlin is a little different animal than our usual topic (Crystal), but an interesting study, nonetheless. Grab some popcorn, fire up the internet machine, sit back, and enjoy!


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2016 Crystal Election Preview

I’m sure you are all waiting for this, so here is our latest podcast with our preview of all the Crystal races. We look at each one separately, and give our take on the state of things. Let me make a plea here as well. Both of our presidential candidates are greatly flawed. Please don’t let that dissuade you from coming out to vote. Your vote carries the most power at the local level. The decisions they make affect you every day. Please come and vote local. Be informed and be involved! Thank you!

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Bidding Crystal Farewell

By Andrew Richter

Well, things happen in life my friends and tomorrow brings another journey for me. I’ll be moving out of my home town of Crystal and invading Champlin. Honestly, I leave my heart and soul in Crystal and it’s tough to leave but things happen for a reason. I want to take some time to say goodbye and thank some people.

I have to start by thanking some people. I’ll start by thanking the people who got me involved in the first place; my tag team partner Jason Bradley and local activist Candace Oathout. They had the vision of a group that focused on local issues and began this journey long before I did. I wouldn’t be here without them for sure.

I’m extremely proud of our current mayor and City Council. A big thank you to my Ward 4 councilperson Julie Deshler. While we haven’t always seen eye to eye she is the most tireless volunteer anywhere, a friend, and a total asset to the city of Crystal. Mayor Jim Adams and I have become friends and I have the utmost respect for him as our mayor (for another 4 years!). I was also overjoyed to see Jeff Kolb, Casey Peak, Elizabeth Dahl, and Olga Parsons get elected and represent our great city. Seeing them all on the council together brought a tear to my eye I’m not ashamed to admit.

I have to say goodbye to some employees at Crystal as well. City Manager Ann Norris and I haven’t always agreed on issues but I have a new opinion of her since serving on the City Code Task Force. She’s been a pleasure to work with. City Planner and now Community Development Director John Sutter is a great example of a public servant. Working with him on the planning Commission was awesome.

I’m very proud of our Community Solutions group and how big of an impact we’ve had in this area. This all began with a dispute over a project on Highway 81 followed by a petition that was rejected by the old Crystal City Council (none of whom are there anymore) and over the past seven we’ve gained such a huge audience to the point we are the most watched and talked about blog in this area. We gained copy cats and even the people who hate us read what we are saying.

We’re not stopping, folks! In fact, we have plans to expand everywhere across the whole state! Look out Minnesota! I’ll be keeping my eye on Crystal and continuing to report what is going on so don’t worry I won’t be far away!

Tonight is the City Code Review Task Force meeting and that is my last act in Crystal. I bid you farewell!

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