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More TOD Coming to Brookyln Park

By Andrew Richter

Guess what is coming to Brooklyn Park!

The Brooklyn Park Economic Development Authority unanimously voted to authorize staff to purchase surplus righ of way land leftover from Highway 610 construction. The parcel, at the northeast corner of the Highway 169 and 610 interchange, will be bought with the intention to sell it to Target Corporation for their north campus development.

The cost to purchase the approximately 23 acres of land will be $2.2 million. Currently, the land is owned by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Target has an existing development agreement with the city stipulating that Target has a right to buy this land from the development authority when MnDOT makes it available for purchase. Moreover, the agreement stipulates that if Target buys the land from the development authority, Target will purchase the land at the same price the authority paid, and cover all of the city’s out-of-pocket costs. Target will have 180 days to purchase the parcel from the development authority. If Target does not purchase the land within this period, the city can land bank the parcel until it is needed for the later development of the Oak Grove Parkway light rail station.

Oh yippy!

Jennifer Jordan, senior project manager for the city, said the costs to hold the land would be minimal, and would primarily be for mowing and potential waste removal. Target cannot purchase the land directly from MnDOT. Councilmember Mark Mata said the city should not mow the parcel if it purchases the land. The city should lease the land to a farmer until development, if possible, he said. Jordan said an MnDOT lease on the land with a farmer has expired, so the city could explore leasing the parcel to another farmer. Councilmember Bob Mata agreed with Mark, and said the city should lease the land to a farmer.

Funding for the parcel would come from tax increment funding, Jordan said. To her knowledge, after Target purchases the parcel from the city, the funding would be returned to the tax increment fund.

Did I ever express how much I hate TIF?

By the why does Target keep getting these little sweetheart deals?



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Brooklyn Park Pushes Racist Resolution

By Andrew Richter

The Brooklyn Park city council is out of control. At tonight’s meeting Racist Councilmember Susan Pha is going to introduce a resolution supporting immigrants and refugees.

Of course the devil is in the details. Few people if any will actually read the resolution. View it HERE of course on the last three pages. It is filled with hate-filled liberal divisive rhetoric but the last statement gets me:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Brooklyn Park strives to be a united and welcoming community strengthened by the extraordinary diversity of our residents. We stand against division, bigotry, hate, and fear. We do not tolerate discrimination, hate speech or violent acts committed against any individual or community.

Then you should take a stand against a washed-up Pop star calling for people to bomb the White House or looting when a conservative speaker is on a college campus. Where’s your advocacy of diversity and free speech Mrs. Pha?

We will advocate for the civil and human rights, freedoms and interests of all of the members of our community, regardless of skin color, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, country of origin, sexual orientation, lifestyle preference, economic status or any other identity.

In other words, any dissenting opinions are racist and need to be silenced.

Of course, the truth is Pha is the racist. She is the one who seeks to divide us among racial lines when it comes to every issue; housing, transit, immigration etc. She speaks for the PC police. It is people like Pha who PREVENT a rational discussion about immigration or race. She is a disgrace. I’m not afraid of your race-baiting Mrs. Pha and you won’t silence me. Why don’t you go back and run one of your fake companies.

Despite the stupidity of this resolution, I expect that it will PASS. Yes I think it will pass! I especially think this after reading Mayor Jeff Lunde’s rants. Of course I’m not objective in reading Lunde’s comments. I think he is a useless mayor. He claims to be a conservative and he is anything but that. Check out these “conservative” comments:

Lunde recently wrote a meandering and contradictory article on the issue. He said:

The Brooklyn Park City Council has not declared the City as a sanctuary city.  The City has, however, adopted policies over the years that are sensitive to how we interact with our diverse population.

So what’s that mean? Sensitive?

The City of Brooklyn Park has NO authority to enforce federal laws, nor do we have the authority to change or influence them.  Police Chief Craig Enevoldsen has repeatedly stressed, “we’re not in the business of looking for undocumented immigrants or asking immigration status.”

Do you see the code language here? Lunde refers to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants.” Also look at the inconsistency; you are not a sanctuary city, yet you don’t look for illegal aliens or ask their status. Isn’t that a sanctuary city?

Check out this comment:

If, however, someone who does not have documentation regarding immigration status is stopped for something like a routine traffic violation, nothing would be reported to immigration authorities.

Sounds like a sanctuary city to me!

Finally, I completely understand that many of our city’s immigrants are experiencing fear and anxiety.

Why? What are you fearing? If you are here legally then what’s the problem? Enforcing the law is enforcing the law.

This is one of the many reasons I refused to vote for Mr. Lunde when he ran for senate. Some on my side have criticized me for this claiming a write in vote is a vote for a Democrat, but I’m tired of choosing between DFL and DFL light. Lunde is no conservative, period.

We will update the vote tonight!

Lunde comments are HERE

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Brooklyn Park Does Not Need More Affordable Housing!

By Andrew Richter

This is totally out of the Twilight Zone:

African Career, Education and Resource Inc. and Asamblea de Derechos Civiles hosted a regional housing forum to address housing discrimination, displacement, development and otherwise undignified living conditions in the northwest metro. The meeting was held Jan. 12 at Zanewood Community Center in Brooklyn Park. The meeting attracted the attention of elected officials. District 36 Sen. John Hoffman (DFL-Champlin), Brooklyn Center Councilmember Marquita Butler, and Brooklyn Park Councilmembers Lisa Jacobson and Susan Pha were in attendance.

Wow! What a shock that a race-baiter like Susan Pha would be there.

Pha said she attended, in part, to hear feedback on affordable rent for new developments in Brooklyn Park. Jacobson said she is regularly confronted with housing issues, as she is executive director at Hope 4 Youth, an Anoka area homeless shelter for young people age 23 and younger.

Participants testified that affordable housing with livable conditions are exceedingly difficult to find, and said landlords can exercise unethical and discriminatory policies towards people of color and the impoverished. Alfreda Daniels, Brooklyn Park resident and community organizer for the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation said she was “terribly disappointed,” after moving into The Willows apartment complex in Brooklyn Park, and that landlords take advantage of rental residents. Rents are raised yearly without making any improvements to the apartments, she said.

Oh so if rent goes up its racist! How about the price of homes? They go up too! How about the city of Brooklyn Park stop raising property taxes on landlords who just pass off the cost to their tenants.

Within two weeks of moving in, she said she had difficulty with mice. “I’ve called the city actually, twice. I called the city two days later, and there were people that came over for inspection, but to my surprise, they were checking out my smoke detectors,” she said. If a resident of the complex is paying their rent on time, they must either pay in-person at the head office in Minneapolis or mail a check, but late payments with interest can be made on-site, Daniels said. “What about my neighbors who don’t have a car … and work [late]?” she said.

If you have mice why are you calling the city? If your neighbor doesn’t have a car can’t they ride a bus? How do they get to work?

Carol LaFleur, a Brooklyn Park resident, has rented houses with mold issues that caused her child health issues resulting in hospitalization, she said. She said city officials did not step in to address the issue. She lived on a fixed income, and raisin her family to other properties in the city, she said. Antonia Alvarez, co-founder of Asamblea de Derechos Civiles (or Assembly for Civil Rights) is a resident of Lowry Grove Mobile Home Park in St. Anthony. Alvg rents forced her to movearez has been a leader in the fight to save Lowry Grove from redevelopment. The park was sold to The Village, a developer, in June 2016.

Under state law, mobile home residents have the right of first refusal in the case of a mobile home closure. That is, if 51 percent of park residents can organize and match the terms and conditions of the buyer’s offer, they can purchase the park. Lowry Grove residents worked with Aeon, a nonprofit in the housing field, to offer the same $6 million that The Village offered. Park owners sold to The Village rather than to Aeon. The legality of the park’s sale is currently being reviewed in the courts.

So then change the law if you don’t like it!

Alvarez said Lowry Grove is the only affordable housing and immigrant-friendly community in St. Anthony.
“We need affordable houses; Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Burnsville, Bloomington,” she said. “Are you ready in Brooklyn Park to fight for affordable houses?” she asked, with the crowd replying “Yes.” Application fees are used unjustly by landlords, participants said. Landlords will accept applicant fees already knowing they will not offer housing to the applicant, they said. Several residents said coded racial language is used by landlords and developers to segregate neighborhoods, or otherwise turn away potential renters of color. “It’s impactful to hear, I mean these are real life stories, this is really what’s happening,” Hoffman said. “It causes one to think, ‘Well, alright, how deep is this issue? How systemic is it?’ You have folks from different parts of the community that are all experiencing.

Unreal, now a fee is racist! What are you; entitled to housing in a certain city?

Statutory language would need to be looked at to see how to address the issue, “especially on the discrimination side,” Hoffman said. “It’s real, and it’s happening right in our backyard.” He said if statutory language already does not allow for discrimination based on factors such as race or poverty, then city housing authorities would need to look at what can be done to provide relief. The forum broke into workgroups to discuss their personal experiences and possible solutions. Tim Moriarty, an area resident, said cities should require developers to include low-cost or subsidized housing in their new development proposals. Rather than separate and stigmatize these renters by separating their housing, thVey should have low-cost or subsidized housing mixed with unsubsidized housing, he said.

So the solution is to pass of the cost of real estate on to the taxpayers!

Ugh! Take it from me folks; there’s tons of housing in Brooklyn Park. These people don’t want housing, they want to race-bait to get housing at a lower cost or on the taxpayer’s dime.


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Who is Susan Pha?

By Andrew Richter

I continue to be intrigued by the controversy surrounding Brooklyn Park city council candidate Susan Pha. So much so that I’ve decided to do some investigating into who she is.

Ms. Pha claims to be the business owner of Pha Publishing where she has written two books calling herself the President and CEO. However, when you go the company’s website the page seems to be broken. There is a facebook page for Pha Publishing and you can see it HERE but it looks more like a self-promotion of her rather than a business.

It gets worse. Pha also says on her website that she is a “Director of Project Success.” But, when you go to their website HERE you will see that she isn’t listed anywhere. Director sounds like an important position and you’d think if one of their members was running for office it would be something they’d promote. Her name, however, does not appear as a facilitator, a staff member, or on the Board of Directors. A search of her name produced no results.

Her claims so far a little fishy to say the least, but again it gets worse. She also says she is the founder of Galore, a Professional Hmong Women’s Network. Yet again, I’ve found this impossible to verify. I found. Facebook page for the group HERE when I click on their website the link is again broken.

This isn’t it folks; it’s just a beginning, but I’ve never come across a candidate who claims to fame have been so hard to verify. At this point I’m not ready to call Mrs. Pha a liar but her claims certainly lack substance and seem to be either exaggerated or nonexistent. And where is the media investigating this?????

Pha’s Website is HERE

October 23, 2016 at 8:09 pm 2 comments

Bowman Lies About Jim Adams’s Attendance At Blue Line Meetings

By Andrew Richter

Angry Bird/Sour Grapes Mayoral candidate ReNae Bowman is at it lying yet again; this time in a comment in the Sun Post:

Bowman: Most important is that citizens should look at Mayor’s Adams attendance record at the Blue Line’s core committee meetings. These were the meetings where the needs and design desires of the community were discussed with project leadership. It is difficult to communicate those needs if one does not show up. The current mayor and the council liaison to this committee attended only half of these meetings. Crystal residents were never properly represented at these meetings. If this council feels it was ignored, they themselves should try showing up and participating in the process or at the least be transparent enough to tell us why they are not attending. I believe the attendance records are a matter of public record.

Yes Ms. Bowman, they are! They are right HERE

There are 19 meetings that have minutes we can access and Mayor Adams has attended 13 of the 19 meetings which is better attendance than most people on that committee. The former Mayor either can’t count or she’s relying nobody to do any fact checking.

Sorry Ms. Bowman, you won’t get away with your lies here….

Sun Post Article 


September 8, 2016 at 9:11 am 2 comments

Is Brooklyn Park Doomed?

By Andrew Richter

Folks, I have to be honest here. I’ve been no more then a lukewarm fan of the Brooklyn Park city council. I like Bob Mata. I like John Jordan. Peter Crema and Terry Parks I can tolerate. But, when I look at who is running for council this year I’m getting scared.

Take Susan Pha for example who is running for city council in the West District. She did an interview for the Hmong Times and why this lady is running and what she is saying is ignorant, idiotic, and downright racist.

Susan Pha decided to run for a spot on the Brooklyn Park City Council this fall after reading an article about local students visiting the council as a job shadowing experience.  She was disappointed when she saw the photo – seven students of diverse backgrounds and genders stood next to seven City Council members who were all white males. She was even more surprised given the fact that Brooklyn Park is actually a diverse community.

“I said, ‘I can’t believe it,'” said Pha. “I said to my husband, ‘That is not right.’ I know when I was growing up I often met people in leadership positons and I would come into a room and they all didn’t look like me – it crushed my dreams. As a kid I felt my dreams were unrealistic when none of them looked like me.

Talk about a racist! What only colored people can represent you? What if I said that a council was “too black” and we should vote for white people? Do you have a clue at what names I would be called? Why is the standard any different for Ms. Pha? I guess whites need not apply.

I’ll tell you it’s gets worse. listen to the answers to some of the questions she was asked;

How do you believe a city should spend its money?

I believe a city should spend its money to provide a good quality of life for all its residents by investing in schools, providing access to affordable higher education, growing good jobs with livable wages, supporting our local businesses to thrive, helping its aging residents attain access to healthcare and a chance to enjoy their retirement, creating beautiful community spaces and parks residents can enjoy, and more.

What? Invest in schools, provide higher education, and access to healthcare? Anyone tell her she’s running for city council not Congress? Talk about an ignoramus! The comments about a livable wage are really scary. This tells me Pha is a left-wing ideologue who wants to bring Minneapolis like policies to the suburbs. And someone tell me how you support a climate where businesses can thrive while supporting a livable wage?

What are your values regarding property taxes and levies?

Property taxes and levies are a necessary cost to residents for the sustainability of a city, but I believe in being conservative in our spending. We have to be watchful in all areas of cost to prevent wasteful spending. Affordable housing is very important to me, so keeping our property taxes and levies down play a big role in that. 

It’s not your job to manipulate home prices! Government should get the hell out of the real estate business!

What changes would you like to see in how the city of Brooklyn Park is run?

I’d like to see our city be more inclusive and representative of our diverse and multicultural residents. We have a very vibrant community of residents from all walks of life with very unique life experiences and a wealth of knowledge. I believe our diversity can be our strength if we embrace it.

In other words, I hate white people and don’t want them to serve.

Martin Luther King once said he wanted people judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I wonder what he’d think of this.

My friends, I’m telling you this lady isn’t the only kook running in Brooklyn Park, there’s more to come unfortunately.


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Opat Gives Crystal the Middle Finger

By Andrew Richter

Well, Mr. Legacy Builder himself just torpedoed the city of Crystal on the construction of a pedestrian bridge over county road 81 when the stupid light rail comes through.

Crystal asked for one thing on this project: a pedestrian crossing. This request came largely from the community, not the council. They were given “assurances” that the bridge would be included in the project and they recently reached a deal with the Met Council as to the cost.

Then came the Blue Line Corridor Management Committee meeting where the bridge was killed proving Crystal was lied to. As Ward 2 Council Member Jeff Kolb wrote:

Two days later the CMC voted to remove the pedestrian bridge from the scope of the project entirely, and the bridge was killed. Hennepin County Commissioner Mike Opat, who represents the citizens who initially requested the bridge, spoke against it.  The vote was a simple voice vote. There was no roll call.  There will be no record of who voted to kill the bridge. There will be no accountability.

I don’t know any other way to put it- we were played. And we were played by people who are better at this game than we are. So we lost. The Crystal City Council, and the Crystal City Staff did, in my opinion, everything we could possibly do to fight to represent our residents, but at the end of the day someone else decided we didn’t need a bridge so now we don’t get one.

Really interesting that the guy who supports a Twins stadium, a soccer stadium, and a $1.5 light rail project thinks a pedestrian bridge is too expensive!

To me the truth is that I think the Met Council and Mike Opat lied all along to Crystal. They knew this council was hostile to this project and the city council tried hard to work in good faith for what citizens asked for. Then they were stabbed in the back.

Everyone in Crystal should be angry about this; everyone that is except for the angry birds/sour grapes ticket. The bitter and angry ReNae Bowman was downright giddy;


Karma? Why are you happy Ms. Bowman? Why are you regarding bad news for the city as good news? We all know why: you are hateful person who hates the current council so much for not being a lap dog for Hennepin County and the Met Council like you are.

John John Budziszewski is running his mouth on twitter claiming the mayor and council showed a lack of leadership. huh? How do you figure that? The council listened to what citizens wanted, took those concerns to the management committee, and fought for them to be included in the project. Why aren’t you mad at Mr. Opat and the committee for not keeping their word. I’ll tell you why: because you are so blinded by hate (hatred towards the people who beat him in an election) that you don’t care what Crystal citizens want.

John John had other smart ass comments;

Wow you’re funny!

My advice to the city council; keep doing what you are doing. You took an oath to Crystal, not Hennepin County or the Met Council. Let the angry birds squawk. They have nothing else to say.

Jeff Kolb’s article

Sun Post Article

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