My Article on Bowman’s Disgusting Task Force Comments

October 14, 2016 at 6:43 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Take this:

On her website, former mayor and now candidate ReNae Bowman took a cheap shot at me and my former colleagues by claiming Crystal’s City Code Task Force does nothing but “move periods and semi-colons around.”

As the former chair of this task force, I’m greatly offended by this insult and I’ve seldom seen someone so ignorant and condescending towards volunteers. Crystal’s 1,300 page city code is obsolete, contradictory, unenforceable, and virtually impossible to understand. This task force was a unique and forward-thinking way to reform the code and involve citizens in the process. To my knowledge, we are the only city to date in Minnesota to take on such a project.

This task force is all-volunteer and is painstakingly reviewing every line of this document. We’ve agreed and we’ve disagreed. We’ve made recommendations to the city council and they have decided what to change and what not to. Meetings have taken hours of reading and preparation yet Ms. Bowman refers to this on her website as “an empty attempt to look like work was being conducted.” Nice attitude! This from a person who did nothing to change the code in eight years as mayor and has never attended one meeting of our task force.

I think it’s absolutely terrible that a candidate for office would attack a group of volunteers and make fun of their work. This is unacceptable behavior and Crystal deserves better than her. Rest assured, Ms. Bowman will destroy this task force if she gets elected. Crystal citizens shouldn’t give her the chance.

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