Hennepin County’s “End Homelessness” Failure

June 7, 2016 at 12:14 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Well, no surprise here; Hennepin County’s decade-long program to end homelessness has been a total faulire!

A decadelong quest to end homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County has yielded discouraging results: The number of people without homes hasn’t dropped. It has risen.

There are 231 more homeless people — living in the streets, in emergency shelters or in transitional housing — in Hennepin County in the final year of the push than when it began in 2007. Last year’s count found 3,125 homeless people in the county, which accounts for two of every five homeless Minnesotans. Homeless counts also are up statewide for the same period, despite an 11 percent drop nationally.

Oh fail!!!! So how about we fire the people who came up with this silly idea and wasted all our tax dollars? Funny how homelessness is up in a liberal state like Minnesota but down everywhere else.

Advocates for the homeless blame the lingering effects of the Great Recession and soaring rents. While there have been some successes, including a decline in the number of homeless veterans, fewer people living without shelter and more robust support for people who need help navigating support services, there are still thousands of people statewide without homes.

And these morons remain clueless on how to solve it! The recession was in 2008-2009, not last year and part of the reason rents are going up is due to rising property taxes and the government subsidizing high end high density housing.

Cathy ten Broeke, who works on state anti-homelessness efforts and previously led the Hennepin County plan, said ending homelessness boils down to making housing affordable and providing services so people can live independently.

How does this person still have a job? And tell me, how can someone live independently if they are dependent on so-called “affordable housing and government services?”

But the will to do so, measured in money, hasn’t been commensurate, she said, especially when the recession upset plans. The Minneapolis-Hennepin County plan called for an added $45 million; millions were spent, but county officials say they didn’t track how much.

Didn’t track how much? Didn’t track how much? Is this a comedy show? There’s more to the article but I’m so disgusted I don’t want to read anymore.




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