Bowman Said What??

May 31, 2016 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

There are times my friends where ReNae Bowman leaves me speechless. Since she is running for mayor again, we have to take it upon ourselves to remind all of you what she is really like.

Remember the fiasco over Crystal’s entrance into the Green Step Program where defeated Crystal candidates jammed entering a program as a nice parting black eye. Former mayor Bowman decided to go off on a tangent on a copy cat blog. Her attacks on Council Member Julie Deshler were particularly vicious.

More insulting was council person Julie’s Deshler’s weak appeal that this information had not been brought before the community for review and input. She wanted to hear citizen voices. If she was so concerned about public input, she should have demanded a public hearing be scheduled by Mayor Adams.

Oh gee, how terrible? Instead of pushing an ideology on people, Deshler actually wanted to listen to the people she represents. What a novel concept!

But she was adopted by the Adams crony group and now has more friends than she ever thought possible so she will never challenge Adams or his posse, creating a form of self-imposed censorship.

Censorship? Folks, I know Julie Deshler well. She’s not afraid to disagree with anyone including me. So the idea she is in some posse or or crony group couldn’t be further from the truth!

During the past two years (and the recent work session) she had ample time to request a public hearing for this issue but she did not. But she acted at the council table by whining about how unfair this was to the 4th Ward; she had the power to seek public input but chose to whine instead.

She had a right to! The issue was added to an agenda and voted on a minute after that! It was done that way so that the outgoing council members could force Crystal into the program before the next council could take office. It had nothing to do with the environment, it had everything to do with Bowman and her hand-picked council members’ hatred for the people who defeated them.

Julie Deshler bartends at the Crystal VFW so don’t tell me they are not talking issues, we know the VFW is the crony clubhouse.

What? She bartends one day a week at the Golden Valley Legion! Crony Clubhouse?

She is the only elected official I know that takes bribes, in the form of tips from the VFW patrons. She is an elected official and limited by law in accepting money or gifts from citizens but if everyone decides to turn their back on what is right, then the wrong must be right according to Adams and his cronies.

Takes bribes??? Bribes? This is libel! Taking tips at a job is a form of bribery? This is so ridiculous. Julie is nothing but an honest and tireless volunteer who doesn’t deserve to be slandered like this.

I don’t know what else to say folks! There you have it….lies and untruths 101.

Of course, in Bowman’s world this is somehow my fault. I publish what she’s says but I’m the bad guy and she’ll play the victim. This is just another reminder to all of us who Bowman really is and why she needs to be defeated again!




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