Bowman Wants No Labels, Then Name Calls

April 27, 2016 at 7:29 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Former Mayor ReNae Bowman is running away from her past and is trying to repackage herself as a new candidate. She has now launched a “no labels” campaign where she plans to “campaign only on issues.”imageReally? Well, as usual, those rules don’t apply to her. When she “announced” she was running for mayor again she had these lovely things to say about people in “her city” that disagree with her:


The Crystal 20? What the hell is that? Sounds to me like a smart ass label but I thought you didn’t believe in labels ReNae? What are you and Joe Selton? The Crystal 2?

The council is dismantling government? Where exactly? What department has been gotten rid of you liar? And I love the praise of Laura Libby and her Green party with their .1% of the vote as “mainstream.”

Here’s some more examples of her views on “no labels,” no “personal attacks” and “keeping it focused on the issues” and how “she listens to the other side:”


Wow that’s funny! Call people stupid but you don’t believe in labels right? You keep it on the issues right? You don’t believe in personal attacks right? How about this:


Right wingers? Is that not a label? Shall we keep going?


So you call Sarah Palin stupid, then you claim non-Republican, Tea Party, and Evangelical women are subject to abuse? Wait a minute, aren’t those labels? I thought you didn’t believe in that? I’ll keep going….


Destroying America? Way to keep it on the issues!!! Bowman then claims there is an effort to stone women;


Ha! Way to keep it on the issues!! Here’s another:


Wait a minute; Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian, Evangelical, anti-government? Are those not labels? But you don’t believe in that right you liar?

We will continue to expose Bowman’s attempt to re-brand herself. we won’t fall for her garbage and neither will Crystal citizens.


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