Once Again I Don’t Know if I Should Laugh or Cry

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By Andrew Richter

Well I guess district 281 needs  more diversity training;

A parent committee at Robbinsdale Area Schools thinks the district doesn’t include enough state-mandated curriculum about Native Americans.

Says who? What’s your evidence?

The district’s American Indian Parent Advisory Committee sent a “resolution of non-concurrence” to the school board earlier this year, meaning that committee members generally believe the district is not meeting state-mandated standards for teaching students about the values and contributions of Native Americans.

The Indian Parent Advisory Committee? Funny, the left wants a color blind society, yet everyone has to have their little group to make sure “their race” gets represented.

“They need to teach from a native perspective,” said Diana Yellowhammer, chair of the parent committee. “The history being taught is too heavy in battle and conflict – the American Indian and the white. … They need to build awareness of American Indian values and contributions and culture.”

Translation: You not only need to teach more about Indians (oh excuse me, Native Americans) but you also have to be politically correct and teach it “their way.”

The resolution itself lists four committee members – two of whom identified themselves as American Indian – and states that, “there is not an American Indian curriculum implemented in the district.” The resolution was approved by the committee in mid-November.

So four people are pushing this?

“Good for them for standing up and saying, ‘Enough is enough, and it’s time that this omission is addressed,’” said Robbinsdale School Board Member Patsy Green at a March 7 meeting where the resolution was discussed. “I think that’s really powerful.”

Oh, I’m in awe….

Yellowhammer, other committee members, and district staff are scheduled to come up with specific curriculum and programming recommendations by April 1, she said. The work group also includes two “elders,” whom Yellowhammer described as “The ones who most American Indians turn to for wisdom about American Indian culture … to teach us our culture and values.”

The district has come up with an action plan to address the issue and will discuss it further at a March 21 work session. The action plan’s rough timeline is as follows, according to district staff:

• Spring 2016: Select and align American Indian resources PreK-12

• Spring 2016: Culturally Responsive Teaching

• Spring-Fall 2016: Student Focus Groups

• June 2016: Summer Institute

• September 2016: Implementation

PreK? PreK? These kids don’t even know how to count but we have to make sure they have a Native American curriculum?

“I would see it as an opportunity for us to align with everything that’s going on in our district as it relates to state standards,” said Marcellus Davis, the district’s integration, equity and Indian Education director.

Integration, equity, and Indian Director???

Each Minnesota school district with more than 10 American Indian students is required by state law to have an American Indian Parent Advisory Committee, according to the Minnesota Department of Education. The committee serves in an advisory role to the school district, and school boards must ensure that programs are planned, operated and evaluated in consultation with the committee.

Robbinsdale Area Schools had 171 American Indian students enrolled as of Oct. 1, 2015.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket!!


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