Golden Valley Mayor’s Race: Political or Personal

November 2, 2015 at 9:56 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Citizens of Golden Valley go to the polls this Tuesday in their strange odd year election. Their mayor’s race between “professional DFL politician” Shep Harris and challenger Marti Micks has been interesting. When reading about the candidates. The race seems to be more about personalities than policy. The Sun Post recently did a work up;

Sun Post Article

We all know Shep Harris is horrible; he’ll vote for higher taxes, more government, Bottineau Transit, and it’s our opinion that he is using his office to gain higher office.

Marti Micks is the harder one to figure out. She seems to really dislike the mayor personally. In the Sun Post she stated “I am concerned that as paid lobbyist, the current mayor can have a conflict of interest as a voting member of the council.”

She does have some good points; She’s opposed to the new community center, seems to oppose the development of high density housing, and paying off debt. All that seems great but then again I look at her background and wonder how much change she will really bring. Here is the experience she has;

“Golden Valley City Councilmember and Housing Redevelopment Authority commissioner for eight years; Open Space and Recreation Commission for three years; Golden Valley League of Women Voters, member, president for 10 years; Golden Valley Historical Society.”

League of Women Voters? Former councilmember? Does that sound like much change to you?

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow Golden Valley!



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