Bowman and Libby Attack!

August 14, 2015 at 7:04 am 2 comments

By Andrew Richter

Well, I said partisanship would get worse in Crystal. The left hates being out of power and views the city council seats as their possessions. Former Mayor ReNae Bowman’s hatred is reaching a diabolical level and sadly Laura Libby is following suit.

From the former mayor’s facebook page;

Transparency is so important to democracy. How many Crystal citizens know that a budget work session was held last Friday night by Crystal’s council? It may have been posted (back pages of the sun post which they know few citizens relieve on a regular basis) but a sneaky way of doing business.

The former mayor is a liar. The work session occurred on Thursday, August 6, not Friday. Check the date HERE if you don’t believe me. Work sessions were held on Thursdays when you were the mayor and I don’t remember you complaining. I would also point out that our work sessions are recorded (we are the only city I know of that does this). Were the work sessions recorded when you were the mayor? No they weren’t, yet you have the arrogance to complain about transparency!

They hired a communication director to control all the messages, too bad it did not include information about local taxes. Mayor Adams and council person Kolb drank Andy Richter’s Kool-aide, they are systematically bankrupting the city (reserves now totally spent) in an effort to lower taxes.

Fist off my name is Andrew, not Andy. Andy is a childhood nickname that close friends and family once called me. I don’t think the former mayor qualifies as either. The council did not hire a communications director. They directed the city manager to do this, she hired this person. The former mayor knows this; she’s trying to get you to think that the council is Adolf Hitler and the communications person is Joseph Goebbels.

And for the record, we DID NOT bankrupt city reserves. The balances are not $0! The council chose to spend the money rather than borrow to pay for a new building. This saves us millions of dollars in the long run.

Let;s see; lower taxes, less government, less debt and borrowing; what horrible things for this city.

This is going to cost us. My water bill went up considerably to pay for repairs to a broken water main. What they are not telling you is that there was money in the reserves to pay for these repairs. Now I am being doubled taxed because they took all the money and used it for a new public works building.

Oh yeah, water bills never went up when you were mayor I forgot.

Rather than use sound financial tools so that citizens pay over time they are making all of us pay for it today. Not very friendly to our Seniors who have paid over the year and will now pay to make some homeowner in the future, pay less.

So we should screw everyone equally! How about all the special assessments you dumped on seniors? How about the Highway 81 levy that added over $500,000 a year in new taxes? Yeah you were the supporter of seniors!

They are hiding and doing business in the dark.

Doing business in the dark? How do you figure that? What has been in the dark? The fact is the former mayor is an angry and bitter person whose hatred of the people who ousted her and her buddies from office is borderline certifiable. The former mayor needs to change her medication.

Next, the Green Party seems to be afraid OF Laura Libby being defeated for re-election;

Crystal City Council Member Laura Libby is facing a tough re-election battle next year after a conservative takeover of the rest of the council.

Conservative takeover? You mean after opponents of the previous council organized and defeated the incumbents.

Libby has turned her facebook page into a partisan a cheap shot fest;

Two days ago the Republican majority on the Crystal City Council introduced an amendment to remove the point of sale inspection that is required when selling a home, which I feel keeps Crystal’s property values strong. I disagree with repealing this ordinance. As the lone ‪#‎Green‬ on the council I will continue to advocate for protections that sustain our cities vibrancy, unlike the council of members who are working to dismantle our city. You can see this happen at minute 36, and at minute 55 you can see the Republican majority begin a discussion to withdrawal from the Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council.

The Republican majority? Why are you making it partisan? Personally, I think Libby is channeling her inner ReNae Bowman. She’s trying to make people feel sorry for her by playing the victim (she’s the lone ranger fighting for you). Here’s another one:

“I am the lone ‪#‎progressive‬ voice on the ‪#‎conservative‬ dominated Crystal City Council that is trying to spend our entire city’s budget. We have spent down all our cash assests when we have historically low bonding rates. This is reckless.”

Personally, I think it’s pathetic to listen to a public official be a cry baby. And being partisan won’t help you Ms. Libby. If you don’t believe me see john Budziezewski, Mark Hoffman, and Joe Selton. I understand Libby being afraid she’s going to lose; she should be.

I told you all this would get worse and worse. Look for the partisan cry babyfest to continue.

Bowman on Facebook

Libby’s Personal Page

Libby’s Council Page



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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Bill C  |  August 14, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Who said it back in 2008? ELECTIONS MATTER. Your entitled ex-councilmates wrongly choose to sit on their butts since they assumed they would win with minimal campaign work.

  • 2. tomk2014  |  August 28, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Interesting post, Andrew.
    In your commentary, you take issue with Renae Bowman’s contention that the Crystal council is “systematically bankrupting the city” by emptying 6 different city funds to pay of the new municipal building – as opposed to allowing the city to borrow at historically low interest rates.
    Your response? “We did not bankrupt city reserves.”
    One can argue, as Bowman does, that the council’s decision left the city so cash-poor it needed to assess citizens additional, unexpected fees to cover apparently unforeseen water main repairs.
    But really, “We did not bankrupt city reserves”?
    Funny, I don’t recall you being elected to the council.
    Nor am I aware of the council giving you permission to speak for them here…or anywhere else.
    Be careful, Andrew.
    That sort of errantly boastful self-identification could mark you as something you obviously scorn:
    A partisan.


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