Where is “Black Lives Matter” for Barway Collins?

April 29, 2015 at 6:31 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Watching the grandstanding going on in Robbinsdale over the case of Tania Harris, who was shot by police after allegedly assaulting them (a crime for which she has now been charged with), by the group “Black Lives Matter Minneapolis” I’ve been wondering something; where is Black Lives Matter for 10-year-old Barway Collins? Was Barway Collins killed? Was Barway Collins black?

HERE is a link to Black Lives Matters Minneapolis’s facebook page. Do you a reference to a little missing and then murdered black kid?

Perhaps they should change the group’s name to “Some Black Lives Matter.” Collins wasn’t killed by a good ol’ boy, or a white cop, or a member of the KKK. If that were the case, I bet this group would be all over this case. But, since the suspect in the Collins case is Barway’s father, who also happens to be black, this group couldn’t care less. It doesn’t fit their template that all whites are racists and all blacks are victims.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of gutless people in office and car chasers in the media. I’m sure nobody will dare to challenge “Black Lives Matter” out of fear of being called a racist. That’s the game that will be played. I’m sure I’ll be called a racist too!

I don’t know what happened in the case of Barway Collins or in the case of Tania Harris. I have my opinions on it but I will let the legal process play out. I suggest everyone do the same and not fall for ridiculous propaganda.



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