Will the Real Jeff Lunde and Peter Crema Stand Up?

February 8, 2015 at 1:31 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Well Bottineau Light Rail continues to make the news especially among Brooklyn Park’s divided city council as Hennepin County dictator Mike Opat put pressure on the city council to continue to rubber stamp his demands. So that leads me to a question; where does the Brooklyn Park city council stand on this issue?

It seems as though there are two no votes; John Jordan and Bob Mata. There also are two strong yes votes; liberal lapdogs Rich Gates and Mike Trepanier. New councilman Terry Parks seems to be against it but I’m not sure how strongly he is. That leaves the majority in the hands of Peter Crema and Mayor Jeff Lunde.

Both men are Republicans. Both men have voted for light rail in the past. Both men seemed to walk back on that last year. Crema ran for a legislative seat last year and lost by the smallest of margins while Lunde was easily re-elected over Joy Marsh Stephens. Unfortunately, my guess is that both of these guys will wander back into the pro-light rail camp.

Personally, I thought Crema ran a good campaign and he seems to be a good guy. However, although, he is a Republican, he doesn’t seem to be a small government conservative. He also seems to be heavily influenced by Lunde. Crema is at-best wishy-washy on the light rail issue. Word on the street is that Crema is looking to run for House again and that’s where the pressure needs to come from. If he wants to be endorsed, the local Republicans need to make sure he is in the “no” camp.

I have no faith at all in Mayor Lunde. He is “allegedly” a Republican but he is no conservative. He’s voted for higher taxes, more spending, Mike Opat, and light rail. He’s pretty much useless. Still, like Crema, Lunde has higher political ambitions and that can be hung over his head and probably should have been last year.

Light rail is at best a 50/50 in Brooklyn Park as far a public approval is concerned. Opposition is strong and much more organized than the Lunde-Opat people will acknowledge or admit. This needs to grow and grow and grow!!!!! Keep up the pressure!


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