Tax, Tax, Tax, It’s Never Enough

December 31, 2014 at 4:53 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Of all the despotic things government could do to screw us out of money this is near the top. First, check out the title of this idiotic article

Minnesota May Start Taxing Drivers

I’m sorry but with gas taxes, wheelage taxes, licence tab fees, and so on, I think drivers ARE paying taxes.

Gas prices are finally falling, but those savings might not last long.

Oh no we can’t allow that!

At least 18 states, including Minnesota, are considering taxing drivers based on distance. Gas prices aren’t the only reason for the idea, since newer cars get better gas mileage.

Wait, I thought fuel efficiency was a good thing?

Oregon has a pilot project that will start next year to test the idea. They’re having 5,000 volunteers pay 1.5 cents per mile instead of the 30-cents-per-gallon tax.

So if your car gets 30 miles to the gallon you get to pay $0.45 instead of $0.30. What a joy, government screws us again!

An electronic device attached to their vehicle will report how far they drive in state.

And what other data with they be collecting? Like it’s going to stop with counting miles.

Minnesota is one of four other states trying something similar. Hennepin and Ramsey counties both approved “wheelage taxes” last year.

Huh? A wheelage tax is a $10 flat annual fee. What does that have to do with putting an electronic chip in your car?

Statewide, Gov. Mark Dayton has been considering a number of different ways to fix roads and bridges with less gas-tax revenue.

How about we spend the money on roads and bridges not light rail and bike paths? No, that’s to easy.

I have an idea; how about we tax walkers for every step they take on a regional trail, or bikers for every mile they bike, or transit riders for every mile they sit on the bus? Sound absurd to you? Me too, just like the idea of taxing cars per mile.

Besides the goal of a tax like this isn’t to raise revenue; its to try and get us to drive less, take transit, ride our bike, and walk everywhere (not to mention access private data). This will also be a large tax increase for the poor since this is a regressive tax.

Since this is a stupid idea, up can bet that the tax and spend crowd who use the environment to grow the size of government, will do what they can to implement it.

Governor Dayton and legislators go ahead and try to implement this! I will not participate in it. You can come and arrest me if you like. I’ll even show you around my new place if you want but I will not let you put a tracking device on my car. Perhaps instead of thinking of new ways to steal our money or restrict our freedom, how about you cut the budget for once.



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