Mark Hoffman’s Desperate Campaign Literature

October 20, 2014 at 6:27 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

My friends I’ve been around the block politically. I’ve seen good and bad candidates, I’ve seen good and bad yards signs, I’ve seen good and bad lit pieces. Crystal Ward 1 Councilman Mark Hoffman’s smear job on Elizabeth Dahl is hands down the worst.

Quite frankly, this is sad to see. Like I’ve said before, I’ve had a grudging respect for Hoffman over his time on the council and when he ran for mayor in 2004 I voted for him. Despite his slander against me last summer, I still don’t have feelings of hatred for him despite what is said about me. But things change. Mr. Hoffman’s power is on the line and he is desperate to keep it. That’s what happens to people. The same thing has happened to John Budziszewski. 

When this happens, someone’s real personality comes out and with Hoffman we are seeing the true him. We’re also are seeing the state of this race. Mr. Hoffman is obviously worried he’s going to lose. 

If you got this lit piece, you’ll need your reading glasses. The print is so small and the piece is so wordy that you’ll need either reading glasses or a microscope. Hoffman may want to fire his campaign manager if he has one. The piece starts off innocently going blah, blah, blah about how Crystal is a nice safe place to raise a family and that he’s fiscally responsible and conduct himself in an open manner. That’s funny enough but then comes a hilariousline;

Let’s keep Crystal a great community and not experiment with ultra-conservative thinking.

Mr. Hoffman this shows how little you know; you take credit for being fiscally responsible or you could word that fiscally conservative, then he rips on conservative thinking. The fact is that Hoffman is a tax and spend career politician. He votes for every spending thing in front of his face. Fiscal responsibility means that you have to say the word NO to something. I don’t know what is “ultra-conservative” about wanting lower taxes, a smaller city code, and a more responsive representative. To Mark Hoffman that is a radical concept that has no place on our city council. I guess people who disagree with you should just shut up and move out, they clearly aren’t welcome in Crystal.

He then shows a picture of him standing by solar panels that you can barely see with the following paragraph;

The solar panels installed value is $997,946.00

Huh? Installed value? You mean they COST $997,946.00! Why the word games? 

Through the use of energy credit and grants, Crystal total cash outlay was $66,000.00.

Now this isn’t really about solar panels, it’s about attitude and spin. Tax credits and grants are your tax dollars under a different name. Tax credits are subsidies from taxpayers and grant money is tax dollars from another form of government. Of course, Mr. Hoffman thinks this is “free money” and has no respect for this as YOUR MONEY. YOU ALL paid every sent for this project. And how about bonding for the public works building which is going to cost much more than paying cash? Is that “fiscally responsible?” How much money in interest will that cost taxpayers Mr. fiscally responsible?

Then comes the ReNae Bowman like cheap shots;

My opponent called this frivolous spending.

Really? Where and when did that happen? I’d like some documentation of this. This has been called a “feel good” project by Council Candidate Jeff Kolb and who was he quoting? That would be YOU sir! Just so people know, this statement is a complete and total lie.

It is only frivolous if you have never worked on a city budget, or worse yet, never attended any of the Annual Budget Work Sessions, to which she was invited. 

God, do all of you just lock step say the same thing? First, ReNae, then Johnny B, then Hoffman. Is this all you can come up with? So Elizabeth Dahl isn’t at your boring meeting where you, Joe Selton, and Johnny B don’t have one idea between the three of you. Is it possible she is door knocking and listening to the meetings when she gets home? Is that allowed?

My opponents Libertarian philosophy is not to spend on community benefits or expand anything at the governmental or environmental levels.

Do I even have to comment here? Again, this shows are how little you know. I’m not a libertarian spokesman, but libertarians often argue for personal liberty and constitutional government. And what are your views on the limits of government again Mr. Hoffman? Oh yeah this;

“You know, the City, we can tax anytime we want to, and for any reason we want to. We can tax, and cover our butts.”


Mr. Hoffman also put on his piece “darn right I feel good.”

Oh yippy! Hey my wallet is lighter but who cares, you feel good and since you’re the most important person on earth, that’s all that matters!

Now, I know some of you are probably angry reading all this and that was my initial reaction as well. But, the more I think about it, the more this smells like desperation. The whole piece is a defensive diatribe that reeks of someone who thinks they are losing, Show me a candidate that was up 20 points who’d put out a lit piece like this?

Will this work? Who knows, I’ve given up predicting this stuff. Clearly, though, Hoffman is trying to win using labels and smears. That’s all he has for his 20 years on the council. 

I suggest you call Mr. Hoffman and tell him what you think of his tactics 763-536-0385

Emailing him is worthless since he never answers but you can try

Do I have to remind you to vote November 4????





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