New Hope To Jack Up Spending Over $600,000!

October 10, 2014 at 4:17 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

As much as I complain about Crystal, the New Hope city council is just a train wreck;

The City Council adopted the 2015 Preliminary Budget and Tax Levy at its meeting on September 8. The preliminary 2015 General Fund Budget is $12,066,631, which is an increase of $607,739 over the 2014 budget of $11,458,892. The general fund levy would increase by 4.26 percent and the overall levy would increase by 3.95 percent.

Wow! This is just incredible. Look at those increases! I suppose paying all that money is the “responsible thing to do” right New Hope?

Oh and you will glad to know what some of this money is going towards! Check out these “essential services”;

Continue police department/city hall facility space needs study

Continue Emerald Ash Borer removal/replacement program on public property

P&R initiatives such as Movies in the Park program

Consider city‐wide professional survey and continue to promote program

Consider new position in police department to work with community services/crime prevention

Gee, how can New Hope function without this stuff? Oh and you will be glad to know the following;

$277,500 has been included for increases in wages and benefits, including union contracts, continued implementation of the compensation study and step increases, a 2 percent cost of living adjustment for employees and the city council, additional IT resources, a crime analyst position, and a storm water position budgeted in the storm water fund.

So there are no cuts, everyone gets a raise, they want to do movies in the park, hire more employees, plant trees, and promote!

And as always in New Hope, the budget passed 5-0! Look at all that dissent! Come on New Hope, elect some new people this year!!!!!

Budget Minutes

New Hope Website




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