Are the Incumbent Crystal City Council Candidates Using the 281 Referendum to Get Re-Elected?

October 5, 2014 at 10:51 am 1 comment

By Andrew Richter

Well let the political grandstanding begin……

Now I have to say one thing first; I am the world’s biggest political cynic. I know that being involved in issues and politics is in my blood and DNA, but that doesn’t mean I always think its noble. I truly believe most people don’t serve for the right reasons. Maybe they do at first but power in an intoxicating thing. Once you get power, it’s hard to let it go. There are those that will do or say anything to hold on to their power.

That brings me to the Crystal City Council election. It’s no secret the three incumbents John Budziszewski, Mark Hoffman, and Joe Selton are in serious trouble. They got an embarrassing 29% of the primary vote, possible the worst showing of any incumbents in the entire state. For the past two months, they’ve been practically invisible and I’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to.

Well, I might have my answer. I took a peek at the agenda for Crystal’s October 9 work session and what did I find you ask? I found that discussing the Robbinsdale School Referendum is on the agenda.

Now, I know what you’re thinking……what the hell does that have to do with the Crystal City Council? What business is this of yours? Were you elected to be a spokesperson for the district?

Yeah me too! But this is politics and regardless of your personal opinion on the referendum, there is an election coming in the city. Stick with me on this……

Two years ago I attended a council meeting where the council was going to vote on whether or not to take a stand against the two constitutional amendments (gay marriage and voted ID if you don’t remember). The council actually debated this four times as long as they talked about their comprehensive annual financial report just as an example of how off their priorities are. Nobody even asked a question about it. Anyhow, the council voted 5-2 against both amendments.

Now of course, me being the cynic I mentioned I am, I thought to myself why are they doing this? What I suspected was that certain members of the council were going to use this vote to get themselves re-elected.

When I made my view on this public I was called a conspiracy theorist and paranoid. I don’t mind that criticism, I’m used to it. Personally I think a little paranoia is the key to a long life.

But guess who was proven right? Oh that’s right it was me! When now former mayor ReNae Bowman handed out her lit piece in October 2012, guess what was on it; the fact that she “lead the fight against the marriage and voter ID amendments.” I guess I wasn’t so paranoid was I?

So what do you think a possible endorsement of the 281 referendum is all about? Do you think it’s “for the children?” Do they want to “be a hero?” I doubt it. I think this is all about grandstanding for an issue.

You don’t believe me? Take a look at the work session packet HERE

Notice something? It contains only pro-referendum literature from the district. Is the council going to do one second of due diligence or just read the district’s case? It seems that the only choices are vote yes or vote nothing.

Word on the street is that the three incumbents (Hoffman, Selton, and Budziezewski) have been meeting with the YES 281 crowd. Why is this? Now here’s my guess; they want to pass a resolution and then put on their literature that they voted for it to try to curry votes for themselves.

Now, I have a question for Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Selton, and Mr. Budziszewski; are you really this desperate? It’s bad enough you need to pander to a political party and have legislators hold you’re hand while you knock on doors but are you honestly going to use a referendum to try to get votes? Don’t you have any accomplishments to run on? How about you try knocking on doors?

I also have a challenge for Mr. Budziszewski; since you don’t support property tax increases, I assume you are opposed to these referendums right? I know your word is a good as a milk bucket under a bull, but come on you can try to honest can’t you?

Do you want to ask Mr. Budziszewski? Well you can…..

Here is his phone number 612-207-3704

Here is his email (if he answers it)

Perhaps you’d like to post on his FACEBOOK PAGE (be careful he bans people who disagree with him)

I’m going to call city manager Anne Norris tomorrow and ask her a few questions. I will publish her answers. I’m going to find out who wanted this on the agenda and why the district is only getting one point of view. I will also blog about the October 9 meeting so we will not let these people breathe on this.



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  • 1. Mark Hoffmann, Crystal City Council Ward 1  |  October 6, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Mr. Rickter, I take your first paragraph with double meanings and feel it is also quite appropo to bloggers who are high on there own positions or anti-positions.

    I will save you some effort. I am the one who asked the city manager if the school district referendum was going to be on the agenda for discussion at our council meeting.I was informed Mayor Adams did not want it to be. So be it, at least it is a discussion that will happen at a work session and a consensus will be reached.

    I do not know if the mayor informed you that all elected officials in the School District were invited to meetings by Superintendent Sicoli to ask the cities for there help. Crystal Council has yet to have that discussion.

    As I am sure you already know, the surrounding communities have expressed there views on supporting strong schools. You are correct that the information in our packets was the school districts literature to promote the referendums. I have not seen anything in print that has opposed the referendum, so I am hoping you can forward it to Anne Norris by Thursday so we can all have the opprortunity to discuss.

    I know as a Tea Party advocate you are not high on taxes being used for anything. As you well know, you once stated at a Council work session you were applying for a position at, if there was a pothole in front of your house, you should take the responsibility to fill it and not the city. I do not agree.

    The League of Women Voters is having a Informational meeting on the 8th at the School District Offices and I hope you can attend to learn all the facts or voice your opinion.

    Everything is not always a conspiracy, one must ask the right question of the right people and not be afraid of the answer.


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