John Budziszewski Walks Out of a Public Meeting

October 3, 2014 at 12:45 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Well my old neighborhood, the North Lions Park end of town, is in the news today but not for great reasons. They are getting Phase 14 of the street reconstruction and there was a meeting about it last Wednesday, October 1 regarding what would happen.

I have to admit I didn’t attend but my sources informed me that residents by and large weren’t happy about it. There were many concerned about the cost of the assessment, the unnecessary spending on sidewalks, retaining walls, and the loss of some trees as well. These changes were not received well.

But, in perhaps the most bizarre event of the evening, was once again the conduct of Section 2 councilman John Budziszewski (who is a representative from this area Wards 3 & 4). There was a mingling session from 6:30 to 7:00 before the formal program began at 7. Mr. Budziszewski came, mingled around, and then as soon as the program started he left!

Yes as soon as the program started and residents got to ask questions and voice their concerns, one of their council members bolted!

Why did you leave Mr. Budziszewski? What was so important?

Now what can we conclude from this? I conclude the following;

1) Mr Budziszewski doesn’t care about residents concerns regarding this project

2) Mr. Budziszewski doesn’t want to listen to people he represents

3) Mr. Budziszewski has better things to do then listen to his constituents or answer their questions

Also MIA were council members Mark Hoffman and Joe Selton (both up for re-election this year). Mr. Hoffman beats his chest about his “vast experience” so you’d think he’d show up and explain why this project is needed. Selton’s absence was no surprise, I can’t think of anything he ever attends. Then again Hoffman and Selton are automatic YES votes for this anyhow, that is if they are re-elected. To be fair Mayor Jim Adams and Councilman Casey Peak weren’t there either. Laura Libby is on leave recovering from surgery so her absence was expected and totally understandable. Only Ward 4 Council Person Julie Deshler was there to take the slings and arrows for the council.

No-Show Johnny B’s conduct though was the most disturbing. It’s funny, his opponent Olga Parsons, was there the entire time. This comes after No-Show Johnny B chastised her in a ReNae Bowman-like attack for not showing up to the council’s boring budget meeting where you need 6 Red Bulls to stay awake. Yet, I guess it’s OK if he leaves a meeting.

Just 32 days until we can vote this guy out……can’t come fast enough!


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