I Can’t Get Those Four Hours Back

August 25, 2014 at 10:31 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

OK this is an example of the sacrifices I make to the people who read this blog. I listened to the Crystal City Council’s four-hour August 21 work session, and honestly, my friends it was awful.

It was a horrible way to spend fours. I’d rather have had a root canal, a colonoscopy, watched Best Friends Wedding twice, or read childish rants by a certain former mayor in the paper. It was that bad.

I came away from the meeting with three conclusions;

*There will be no cuts at all

You have to trust me on this folks. There is NO appetite at all on the council for budget cuts. We will have the same amount of employees, they will all get a raise, and nothing will really change. The council is just trying to figure out how they can move money around to make it happen. Of everyone on the council on Ward 3 Councilman Casey Peak offered anything specific and he immediately pounced on. It’s almost as if everyone is just sitting around waiting for someone else to say something.

*The three incumbents running for re-election have no ideas at all

This is a fact; Mark Hoffman, Joe Selton, and John Budziszewski offered nothing. For all their alleged “experience” they offered to new ideas, no cuts, no vision for the future. Their strategy seems to be to sit back and hope someone else says something so they don’t have to. It proves me right again! They are the ones who pushed the 60/40 option for the Mill & Overlay and offered nothing for cuts to pay for the 40% that comes from the budget just like I said they would. Come on John Budziszewski, Mr. no tax raise under any circumstances, where are your ideas?

Of course, if they do come up with any idea, it won’t be for less government. No, it will be to move money around or bond for something (which of course will cost taxpayers even more), anything but cutting government.

*We are getting a tax increase

I don’t care what anyone has pledged the council is looking at a 2-4% tax increase. They have to pass a preliminary budget at the September 2 meeting and they haven’t agreed to one cut yet. We are going to have a tax hike; book it.

If you are to listen to this meeting you can click HERE but just trust me; you don’t want to.


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