2014 Primary Results And What They Mean

August 13, 2014 at 10:36 am Leave a comment

by Jason Bradley

Well, another primary election has come and gone. Congratulations to those that made it through, and to those that did not, thanks for the good race. I was encouraged to see so many people that got involved in the process. You put yourself out there, and I commend you for that.

Here’s how the much-anticipated races in Crystal broke down:

Section 2-

Olga Parsons- 48.67% (330 votes)

John Budziszewski- 26.25% (178 votes)

Karen Lincoln- 25.07% (170 votes)

Olga handily won this race. John almost was eliminated. Karen ran a strong campaign, and made a big impact. I believe, however, that her presence hurt Olga, and not John. Both campaigns have strong messages about the malaise that is plaguing our Council. John is going to have an uphill battle into November.

Ward 1-

Elizabeth Dahl- 57.61% (246 votes)

Mark Hoffman- 35.60% (152 votes)

Carla McPipe- 6.79% (29 votes)

Elizabeth was the big winner of the night with over 57%. Getting almost 2/3 of the votes in a primary (and almost twice as many as the next contestant) is a very telling sign. Mark has to gain 15 points in 11 weeks. As for Carla, if you are not involved in the community, and are not registered to vote, you will have an uphill climb. People want to know you value the area you look to represent.

Ward 2-

Jeff Kolb- 57.59% (258 votes)

Joe Selton- 28.13% (126 votes)

Randy Rosario- 14.29%(64 votes)

Jeff was right on Elizabeth’s heels percentage-wise, again getting almost 2/3 of the vote and over twice the votes of Joe Selton. Generally, you think that you need to get just over a third of the votes to move past the primary. Joe did not, and that spells trouble for his campaign moving forward. While he made it through the primary, he is going to have a tough time distancing himself from the actions and policies of his wife, ex-Mayor ReNae Bowman. I believe the backlash is still having an effect this election cycle. Randy did a little better than Carla, but his lack of involvement really hurt his campaign.

I took two big things away from this election:

  • The incumbents are in trouble. They received 456 votes, out of 1,553 cast. That is a cumulative 29.36%. I mentioned in my article yesterday that there was a high level of dissatisfaction with the incumbents, evidenced by the number of candidates with a similar message. This proves what I said. You can’t be disrespectful and run roughshod over people forever. Eventually they will get tired of it. I assume that much of the support that was thrown to Lincoln, McPipe, and Rosario will go to the non-incumbents, keeping with the message of their campaigns.
  • Voter participation is still way too low. 1,553 votes were cast. That is such a scant percentage of eligible voters that it’s almost sad. Having our voice heard is the lynch pin to making our republic work. With all of the alternatives available to us, re: early voting and absentee voting, there is no excuse not to vote, other than you don’t care. Voting is one of our most basic responsibilities, and you owe it to yourself and your neighbors to get educated on what is happening in your city, who’s running, what they stand for, and then go tell somebody.

That is why we at Community Solutions MN exist, and why we will continue to battle on, so that you can keep apprised and spread the word. We’re going to have a very exciting run up to November, so strap in and get ready!


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