Baby, I’m A Star!

July 24, 2014 at 2:05 pm Leave a comment

by Jason Bradley

So, I guess I’m some kind of a celebrity now. A lame one, I’ll grant you, but my phone and email have been blowing up since Johnny B mentioned me in the MN League of Women Voters debate. I thought it was odd he’d bring up our conversation, since I already wrote about it here: As you see, he accused me of supporting property tax increases, and I responded to him with those tricky things called “FACTS”. Yet he chose to perpetuate a lie that, I’m sure he has been spreading all over Section 2 of Crystal. You see, he wants you to believe two things: 1) That just because something is added to the property tax levy that it is a tax increase, no matter if you cut other spending or not, and 2) that spending through assessments and bonding is not a tax.

Really? First of all, a tax increase only happens when the total amount of the levy increases over time. As I wrote previously, I don’t know (and neither did John at the time of my writing) what Olga Parson’s view was on the Mill and Overlay funding, or how to pay for the Public Works building, because it wasn’t published anywhere. The one thing I know about Olga’s position (and as I told John before he told me to “have fun with my thoughts”) is that she wants to cut overall spending. That doesn’t sound like a tax increase.

Secondly, how can you honestly say that you are not increasing spending? How is an assessment not a tax? Webster’s says a tax is, “a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.” Sounds to me like if a government is demanding money from a resident or business for the maintenance of roads or construction of a public works facility, that is a tax.

Let me say that again, because I think it bears repeating; an assessment is a tax. Bonding is a tax. They are more expensive forms of taxation, as well. Payment is often delayed, resulting in large amounts of interest to be paid to return the money floated up front for the project. Guess who pays for that interest? You do. The devil is in the details. You see, when things are bonded or assessed, politicians can say they are keeping the budget even, because these types of taxation are not found on the budget, but on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that comes out in June. That’s the dirty trick that John won’t tell you. I mean, what did your parents teach you about big purchases; save up for it, or charge it? We need to use common sense.

We don’t even have to bring up all of the spending he voted for (despite his claims to do otherwise), like the solar panels on the Community Center, raising liquor license fees, alleyway projects, or choosing to overcharge residents $200 on the street reconstruction project a couple of years ago.

Let me say this. John Budziszewski has to be a smart guy. From what I understand, he works in finance. I’m certain he understands all of this, but decides to give you a different story out on the campaign trail. That just makes him dishonest. Do we really need another dishonest politician?

Let me also remind folks that John was endorsed in 2010 by ex-Mayor ReNae Bowman. She saw something in John that she liked. You all saw something you didn’t like in her and gave her an early retirement. It all makes sense now. The eye-rolling, the wild accusations, attacking an opponent with no record at a debate, misstating facts, and insulting people… these are all tactics employed not only by John, but by our favorite former mayor (whose own bizarre behavior at the debate; mocking the non-incumbent candidates and arguing with debate attendees earned me more calls and emails). I think we know who’s man John really is.


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