No Apologies

July 23, 2014 at 8:32 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Some of you have probably heard about Mark Hoffman tyrannical rant about my post regarding the pathetic and despicable behavior of John Budziszewski. He called me a malicious liar and threatened my spot on the Planning Commission. He then tried to laughingly link Mayor Jim Adams to me saying he should be “embarrassed” to have come on our podcast. Hoffman’s fake outrage was all a calculated move to try and link me with Mayor Adams and other people running for the council. I have since resigned from the Planning Commission. I’m not going to let anyone threaten my freedom of speech or become an issue that a desperate politician clings on to try and play the victim. It was hard to resign for I love the commission but Mark Hoffman is not going to bully me into keeping silent. John Budziszewski doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect and I will continue to speak out against his arrogant conduct.

It’s too bad. I’ve always had a grudging respect for Mr. Hoffman. When I moved back to Crystal in 2003 I voted for Hoffman when he ran for mayor in 2004 (I doubt he voted for me). He’s known my father for a long time as well. I know his wife is very ill and I feel very sorry about that. Having said this, we are in the arena of politics, and it’s time to take off the gloves.

For the record, I stand by EVERY WORD I wrote about John Budziszewski. Every word was the truth. Did I go over the top in name calling? Yes perhaps, but I challenge readers to go back and read my whole post and you tell me is laughing, giggling, and eye rolling while others are talking is not awful behavior. I was disgusted by it and called him out on it and will continue to exposed him for the liar he is. His behavior was absolutely horrible and the fact Hoffman would defend him says a lot about him. Hoffman whines and complains about decorum from commission members but I’ve never heard him complain about that before. When former Mayor Bowman said vicious and horrible things about me and my group where was Mark Hoffman? Where was his outrage? Mayor Bowman continues to send vile and disgusting emails to Mayor Jim Adams and Mark Hoffman is nowhere to be found complaining about that.

Now, I’m not trying to play the victim here. That’s their tactic. I’m also not trying to censor Bowman. She can say what she wants and we will expose it here. She was in full form at the debate last night, shaking her head, making faces, snapping at others, her usual conduct. It’s so likeable.

But in Mark Hoffman’s world it’s one thing if one of his elitist buddies acts that way, but when someone like me calls him out on it, then I’m the bad guy!

The fact is that Mark Hoffman longs for the way it used to be. Back in the days when he and Dave Anderson, and former Mayor Pete Meitsema faced little opposition, if there was opposition it wasn’t organized like it is now and nobody was out there leading the charge for change in the city.

But, those days are over. Hoffman and his clique are desperately trying to hold on to power. They’re so desperate that they have to have a state representative door knock with them to try and save them. And the truth is that we here at community solutions have a bigger microphone than he does. I know the numbers and our blog, TV work, podcasts, radio appearances etc have a larger audience then council meetings do. It’s a new world and we aren’t going anywhere and no councilman is going to silence me.

We post daily, hourly, by the minute if we have to. Game on.




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