Consultant for Bottineau?

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By Andrew Richter

Here’s some more wanted tax dollars;

Although Hennepin County is far from seeing a completed Bottineau Light Rail line, progress continues on the proposed transitway. According to Golden Valley City Planner Jason Zimmerman, Hennepin County hopes to name an engineer for the proposed line by end of summer.

Can I apply? My first proposal will be to not do the project.

Planning Advisory Committee

Last October, the Golden Valley City Council appointed the Bottineau Light Rail Transitway Planning Advisory Committee to tackle the design and proposed station that could be located in Golden Valley.

Another waste…..

The committee is comprised of representatives from various city commissions such as the Planning Commission, Environmental Commission, Open Space and Recreation Commission and more. The committee has met several times since its inception.

So it’s just the usual city cliche.

Zimmerman acts as the committee’s staff liaison. Zimmerman reports to the council each month with updates. His latest update was presented June 17. Within his update, Zimmerman reflected on past activities and introduced the project’s next phases.


In May, the county held an open house and public hearing to receive comments, concerns and questions from residents regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The city of Golden Valley held a joint commission meeting to discuss the comments further.

Following the comment period, the city submitted its comments to the county for revision. All comments, concerns and questions are to be addressed in the Final Environment Impact Statement.

Like not doing the project at all.

Those interested in reading through the comments can do so at According to Zimmerman, Hennepin County will be interviewing interested consultants and engineers for the next few months.

“Hopefully, by the end of the summer the engineering team will be on board and that will kick off the next two-year project development phase where they’ll start really laying out the exact alignment, station location and infrastructures – all those details we’ve been looking forward to,” he said.

While the Planning Advisory Committee has been meeting, its workload has been light until now. The committee has begun receiving information to look over and digest – the first piece of which was a market study.

This study explores the first four stations of the transitway and what the market could support in those areas (housing, commercial). The study is designed to generate ideas within the committee.

According to Zimmerman, the county plans to host open houses at each of the four stations by the end of the year.

Oh yippy!

“Hopefully, by next January or February there will be station area plans that will come out in a more finished form,” he said.

I hope not.

For now, the committee looks forward to meeting more frequently as the project gets underway.

And hopefully it never does.

It’s hard to say that this is a waste of money since the entire project is a waste.




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