CUAPB Tactics At Their Finest

June 30, 2014 at 11:30 pm 5 comments

By Andrew Richter

I knew it was only a matter of time when the Minneapolis based CUAPB (Communities United Against Police Brutality) would show their true colors. It was amazing though how quickly it happened.

On Wednesday June 25 Ward 2 council candidate and Planning Commission Member Jeff Kolb had his kickoff party at his house. Though Jeff is a friend of mine, I was unable to attend because of our End the Met Council Night. Last weekend Kolb told me of the strange events that occurred.

The first thing that happened was that a woman was driving by filming Mr. Kolb’s house as well as taking some pictures. It turns out that the woman was Section 2 CUAPB council candidate Karen Lincoln. What she was doing taking pictures of someone’s campaign kickoff is beyond me. Memo to Ms. Lincoln; If you want to be elected to the city council, I suggest you knock on doors of the people you want represent and ask them what they think about the issues rather than spy on a person’s campaign.

A little while later, another woman drove by taking pictures. When Mr. Kolb went out an confronted the person as to what they were doing, the woman wouldn’t give any answers. Kolb asked her who she was and she wouldn’t identify herself and claimed here “for a friend” but wouldn’t identify the friend. She then said she was “working for company” but wouldn’t name the company. Strange huh? Later that night Kolb discovered that the woman in question was Debra Rosario, the wife of CUAPB council candidate Randy Rosario. Kolb then called Rosario and told him what happened. Rosario was apologetic and claimed that his wife “did this without his knowledge.”

Now, I should say that Jeff Kolb has accepted the apology and has told me personally he wants to “move on.” But, me being the asshole I am, I’m not willing to drop this just yet. What I’m going to say in the rest of this article come from me, and is not written for Jeff Kolb or his campaign. I feel the public has the right to know of this incident.

First off, I have to say that it’s difficult for me to believe Randy Rosario completely here. I ran for Crystal Mayor in 2012 as most us remember (and I’m sure are trying to forget) and I can’t imagine my girlfriend at the time or my campaign manager going to my opponent’s house to film and take pictures without my knowledge. This also strikes me as a typical CUAPB campaign tactic of intimidation. If they were taking pictures and filing it must of been for a reason right?

Another CUAPB tactic is to race-bait and I don’t appreciate Rosario’s race-baiting on his website. He claims that since 30% of Crystal citizens are minorities, we need minority representation. I don’t know where Rosario gets his figures but according to wikipedia (which could be wrong) to correct figure seems to be more like 22%. I’m sorry but being American-born of Puerto Rican dissent is not a qualification to be on the council. There are so many issues facing the city, that we don’t need to inject race. To me, I see the hand of CUAPB on this one since they tried to race-bait when Officer Alan Watt got fired claiming that since he was the only black officer the city must be racist. Quite frankly, i think injecting race is somewhat pathetic.

I don’t know Randy Rosario. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy and he seems like someone of substance. But, I would advise him to run his own campaign independently free of Michelle Gross’s wrath. He should focus on positive ideas, not being an advocate for fired police officers (which the council according to the city charter can’t do anyway). I’m hoping he does this but his website is filled with CUAPB stuff HERE and HERE. I hope he ditches this.

I also hope that this incident at Jeff Kolb’s campaign kickoff is not an indication of the CUAPB tactics in this campaign, but unfortunately I think these types of things are part of the game plan. Are you going to come by my house and take pictures now????



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  • 1. Sarah Gulczinski  |  July 3, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    The picture taking thing is bizarre, disturbing, unnerving. I wonder what the point was? Has anyone called these two women and asked them why they are taking pictures? Are they planning a shakedown?

    BTW – I was planning on driving by your house and taking pictures now.. lol Just kidding.

  • 2. Judy Watson  |  July 7, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    CUAPB candidate? Where did you get this information?
    Perhaps there was a reason to take pictures, I think you should get the facts first before you spread your assumptions. I think there’s more to this story…..

  • 3. communitysolutionsmn  |  July 7, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    Where did I get my information? How about from jeff Kolb, the person it happened to? How could I have a better source then that? You think there is more to the story….well enlighten me then. CUAPB candidate yes look here

    • 4. Judy Watson  |  July 7, 2014 at 8:47 pm

      I didn’t know you had checked out BOTH sides of these incidents. There are two sides to everything I just wish you could provide more factual info in an unbiased manner. It appears you get offended when anyone questions you…

  • 5. Karen Lincoln  |  July 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    Yes, there is more to this story.
    First of all I am not a member of CUAPB. I am also not a CUAPB candidate, I just happened to have worked with them and many others dealing with prior city issues. Jeff Kolb and Olga Parsons are associated with you, does that make them Community Solutions candidates?
    Personally I am just a crystal resident who is tired of the city wasting our taxpayer dollars, not listening to residents when they have concerns, and the general unaccountability for their actions.
    I was taking pictures because your friend Jeff Kolb had his political signs posted on his property on June 25th two days before any of us are legally supposed to according to MN statute 211b.045. There was nothing politically dirty going on here. I chose not to react to his breaking the law. I chose to be a considerate candidate thinking maybe he made an honest mistake. I would appreciate the same from you.


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