Golden Valley Reorganization?? Don’t Get Too Excited!

June 22, 2014 at 11:07 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

OK now when I first saw this headline, I almost got excited. Then I read the article and saw it for what is was worth.

In an effort to strengthen operations long-term, be more efficient and best achieve the goals of City Council, the City of Golden Valley has reorganized its staff. Effective June 10, the community development and public works departments have been combined. It will now operate as the physical development department. The following information was provided by a statement released by the city June 12.

“The upcoming July retirement of Community Development Director Mark Grimes creates an opportunity for the city to implement a plan to move proactively in that direction,” said City Manager Tom Burt. Grimes will be retiring at the end of July.

According to city staff, this streamlines all aspects of land use management, development and maintenance creating efficiencies between the departments. The former positions of community development director and public works director have been combined into a new position of physical development director. Assistant City Manager Chantell Knauss fill this role until it is filled. Jeannine Clancy, the City’s public works director, was let go June 10 when the changes became effective.

OK so far it sounds like Golden Valley will have one less department and one less employee making $100,000 or more plus benefits. But then comes the details…..

According to staff the new position will oversee the physical development aspect of the city and manage both community development and public works functions. This individual will also act as assistant HRA director and economic development coordinator.

The reorganization also introduces a position of associate planner and grant writer who will assist City Council in proactively applying for and obtaining grants. This position will be filled at a later date.

So Golden Valley is getting rid of one position but they are hiring two others? And why is a full-time person to apply for grants necessary? Of course the grant money will be from the Met Council, Hennepin County, or the state pushing Agenda 21 policies.

“This reorganization will allow the city to more efficiently marshal its resources and move forward to meet future needs,” Burt said. Long-term the city hopes the change will help the council achieve its goals to attract more economic development and redevelopment, reduce the budget and debt and apply for and be awarded more grants.

How does hiring more people reduce the budget or debt?

In other words, this “re-organization” doesn’t give the citizens of Golden Valley less government, they are just re-arranging the deck chairs. Of course Mayor Boy Wonder won’t hesitate to take credit. Yawn!




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