Somebody’s Not Telling Us The Whole Truth

March 29, 2014 at 9:10 am Leave a comment

By Jason Bradley


Residents are under an horrific and imminent potential attack in Robbinsdale, just not the one listed in the headline of the March 27th Sun Post. It reads, “Police arrest gunman who fired at car, fled (Gun itself is still at large following police search)”. So be afraid… very afraid. Although a violent criminal is behind bars, there is a gun roaming your city, looking for whom it may slay in its dubious path of mayhem.


While this headline seems ridiculous, the article fails to mention the most dangerous aspect of this story. This incident occurred within blocks of Robbinsdale Middle School, and during the school day. Now, schools have procedures to deal with these kinds of things. The trouble is, RMS didn’t follow them. The school should have gone into lock down, but didn’t. Now, we’re not sure whether the school knew and didn’t take the proper precautions, or the police didn’t notify the school. In either case, somebody dropped the ball.


I wished that was the worst of the story. Unfortunately, it’s not. The end of the school day came while the manhunt was on. RMS should have kept the school in lock down, but decided to release the students. Most students got on the buses fine and went home, but many students had to walk home. An observer who was driving through the area, reported to us that kids were seen walking home, and crossing through police barricades. Are you serious? Children were allowed to walk home through an area that had a violent criminal on the loose? If I were a parent of an RMS student (and my children used to be), I would be furious. Someone like this wouldn’t think twice to use children as a human shield to save his own skin.


While the Sun Post may want you to believe that a gun is on the loose, and we should be worried, I would be far more upset that somebody put my kids in harm’s way, and demand that someone be held accountable. Parents, call RMS at (763) 504-4800 and the Robbinsdale Police at (763) 531-1220 and demand answers. This can not happen again.


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