What Will Be Your Legacy?

February 7, 2014 at 9:49 am Leave a comment

by Jason Bradley

Every couple years we have elections, then we spend the time between these elections complaining about the decisions these folks make, and we turn around and re-elect the same people to office. It’s some of the most masochistic behavior I may have ever witnessed. I mean, it’s like we completely forget that we hold the power to elect and re-elect, and that we’re bound to follow the hype from political parties and newspapers. Example? Most people in New Hope are completely against adding more high-density housing, but they keep returning the same people to office (despite Councilman Stauner promising that high density housing is going to happen no matter what). The citizens of Golden Valley are vehemently against the Bottineau Line going through Theodore Wirth Park, but voted for the candidates that were in favor of it. It boggles my mind. I mean, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” was supposed to be a joke, not a philosophy! I will stand by my belief that we need to have a revolution not only at the ballot box, but in the conventions and primaries that lead up to the next election.

What can we do, however, in between elections? Is complaining achieving what desire? Of course not! Liberty is not granted by, or taken away by government. Oh, they can try (and do try) to restrict that freedom, so that we will call upon their name when we are in need, but our freedoms are granted to us by our Creator, and a human that has decided to be free can do so whether in their homes or in prison. Another person can never tame the heart of another, unless the subject of the attack willingly gives in. It’s one thing to honor the authority placed above you, and another to blindly accept the intent of tyrants to rule over your heart. In your mind and your heart are where the flame of freedom can never be extinguished. You have a right to live, to do it freely, and to own the friut of your labor. If government wants to limit your growing of food, guess what, you have a right to eat. You have a right to make a living at a profession of your choice. Government has no right to keep you from doing so, so long as you don’t make your living at the expense of others. Yet, there are thousands of regulations put upon honest businessmen, whether the sole proprietor with a home business or the merchant with a few employees and a shop in the city center. Do what you can within the law, find solutions to work in areas not regulated, and work to change the laws. The ingenuity of man is far more capable to find a way than the hammer of government.

Government in its right place is good. In its right place it is small, limited, and protects the rights of others. It hamstrings predators. It doesn’t manage sign sizes, limit customers or employees, tell you where you can or can’t grow food, or manage the size and placement of your woodpiles. Freedom should burn in your heart. Desire to follow your passions should consume you. Raise your head. Set your direction. Devote your life to something worthy of your talents. You can succeed. Remove the voices telling you that you can’t whether it be your brother or your City Council. Show them why and how you can by your actions. Life is more than punching a clock, and you are far more special than you give yourself credit for. What is your legacy going to be?

If you want to prove that liberty works and can unleash the potential of what is possible, then I ask you to e-mail us at commsolutionsmn@gmail.com. We want to help you to change your community for the better. Don’t wait for the right moment. That moment is now.


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