Tom Mathisen’s Emergency Water Supply; Necessary or Not?

January 28, 2014 at 3:09 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

The joint water commission of New Hope, Golden Valley, and Crystal has decided to do their own emergency water supply. These suburbs have been purchasing water from Minneapolis for the past 50 years .

The project will include three new wells – one near the Crystal reservoir, one near the Golden Valley reservoir and one nearby either reservoir – and the reestablishment of the existing New Hope well. The project is expected to cost nearly $4 million. Minneapolis is in the process of creating an emergency water supply and plan to charge the cities they get water from to pay for it. So hence the decision to have our own water supply.

At the Crystal City Council meeting on January 21, Crystal city engineer Tom Mathisen used every scare tactic known to man to ensure Crystal participated in this.

Mathisen: “This is pretty momentous I have to say.”

I’ll tell you, how boring do you have to be to think creating an emergency water supply is momentous?

Mathisen: “There is a common thought out there that the Mississippi River is no longer as reliable as it used to be. We were very close to drought condition in 1987 and 1988.”

Um…..that was 27 and 26 years ago! Yes we had two hot summers and have been fine since. How is that relevant? Sounds like your typical environmental doomsday scare tactic!

Mathisen: “We just heard a presentation from the U.S. Geological Survey last week at the Shingle Creek Watershed Meeting that drought conditions on the river are even more likely to occur in the ensuing years as the weather changes.”

Yeah right! The weather isn’t changing, it’s just being used to push government control and worldwide socialism. Yeah this January sure has been warmer.

Mathisen: “In West Virginia a contamination from a chemical plant was leaking into a river  and we all know what happened there, 300,000 people ended up without drinking water.”

Ah yes….another big government tactic; use a crisis as a basis to increase government and government spending.

Mathisen: “Our cost is essentially 27% of $4 million. Funding for our share is going to be the topic of a work session as you know we’re looking at either the JWC through Golden Valley could bond for the full amount or whatever cities want to participate in the bond could do that or they could pay up front if they had the case to do that.”

So let me get this straight; we are going to pass a resolution to build a $4 million “emergency water supply” without figuring out how we are going to pay for it? Huh?

Now, on the one hand I can understand Crystal, New Hope, and Golden Valley not wanting to be dependent on Minneapolis in the case of a crisis. Personally, I remain unconvinced, however, that this project is “necessary” and I think that scare tactics like the pipe burst in Robbinsdale are being used to justify it. I think the better alternative is to let people uncap their own wells, rather than spend $4 million of taxpayer money. And remember, this will cost far more that $4 million especially if this project is paid for by bonding. And then there is the endless cost of maintaining it.

I would not have voted for this without a clear funding mechanism. How can vote to construct this and then “talk about how we are going to pay for it later.” And I certainly could have done with out Tom Mathisen’s rhetoric and personal agenda.


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