New Hope City Manager Gets a 5% Raise!!!!

January 5, 2014 at 3:06 am Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Readers of this blog will know that I don’t care for the weak mayor/city manager style of government. Readers will also note my growing criticism of the New Hope City Council.

How about a story about them both? It seems as though New Hope City Manager Kirk McDonald will get 5% raise and he does “everything well!”

“He’s exceptional at everything he does,” said Mayor Kathi Hemken.

Well there’s good and objective opinion. Why can’t my boss say that about me?

The council had nothing but positive remarks to share regarding McDonald’s work as they reviewed his 2013 goals.

Oh come on…..he’s got to be blushing.

Like all nonunion employees, McDonald will automatically receive a 2 percent wage increase. After discussing McDonald’s 2013 goals the council discussed the possibility of also giving him a merit raise up to 5 percent.

McDonald’s salary in 2013 was $113,490. A 2% raise would make it $115,760. A 5% raise would make it $119,164!!

Can you guess what the New Hope city council did?

Having seen his extraordinary dedication and efforts to the city over the past six years the council (minus Daniel Stauner) unanimously approved a 5 percent merit raise.

The usual New Hope vote! No dissent whatsoever! In fact McDonald’s salary in 2011 was $102,939! That means that in three years he’ll have a salary increase $16,225! He got a 5% increase in 2012 and another 5% increase in 2013!

So for 2014 citizens of New Hope got higher property taxes, higher water rates, more high density housing, and now get to shell out a 5% raise to the city manager for the third year in a row.

Memo to the New Hope City Council; Do you have a care in the world for the taxpayers of your city?

Sun Post Article 

McDonald’s Salary Info on Page 53


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