New Hope Tries to Justify More Spending

December 12, 2013 at 10:00 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Well as we reported the other day, the city of New Hope passed a large increase in spending coupled with a 5% increase in water rates. Their website is trying to justify these measures. Let’s analyze that shall we?

Here are their alleged budget priorities for 2014;

The Police budget includes funding for two additional officers; an officer that will focus on traffic enforcement and a second school resource officer at District 287’s North Education Center.

Doesn’t New Hope have an officers that focus on traffic enforcement? And what do we need another officer at the North Education Center for? Are their problems with the special ed kids?

Fire expenditures will increase about $200,000 to fund an increase in the fire and safety contract and to pay for facility improvements at West Metro Fire‐Rescue’s Station 1 in New Hope.

Several significant redevelopment projects are likely to occur next year. To handle the added workload, a community development assistant position, which has been left vacant in recent years, will be reinstated

So they are hiring yet another employee. What’s community development director get paid again?

The budget places a renewed emphasis on the city’s technological capabilities, including reverting back to a fouryear computer replacement schedule.

Here’s some typical government logic; replace everything on a time schedule. It doesn’t matter if its needed or not, it’s scheduled to be replaced and you get the bill!

The Council is committed to continued efforts to improve community engagement. The city plans to help launch neighborhood social media websites city wide next year and continue to solicit feedback on city services through the Performance Measurement Program

Social media is a necessary government expense? Come on!

New Hope is scheduled to receive $533,000 in Local Government Aid (LGA) in 2014. 

Hey New Hope residents, you think one cent of that is going back to you? Not a chance…..

The New Hope budget no longer relies on LGA to fund general operations. The Council plans to use about one‐third of the city’s LGA to partially restore the funds the city sets aside for equipment replacement. The remaining two-thirds will go to the city’s water fund to help pay for much-needed water main replacement work and other water distribution system improvements.

So they are throwing two-thirds (something like $350,000) at their water fund yet they are increasing the water rates by 5%! It’s a double whammy!

New Hope also expects to save about $54,000 in sales tax in 2014, as a result of the sales tax exemption for cities and counties approved by the legislature that begins in January.

And guess what, New Hope residents won’t get a cent of that either!

New Hope is simply doing whatever they can to spend money and not give you back a cent. What happened to more local government aid giving us property tax relief?

Let me guess New Hope; you’ll make cuts next year right? Let’s see they got 12 times as much money in LGA as the year before and a sales tax exemption, yet aren’t you getting a nickel. No, you’re getting higher water rates, higher spending, and more government employees?

But rest assure you’ll have better social media…..

New Hope Budget Excuses 


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