New Hope Jacks Up Spending

December 11, 2013 at 10:11 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

So much for increased local government aid bringing property tax relief to citizens. No it has no affect whatsoever on city spending. Take New Hope for example;

The New Hope City Council presented the proposed 2014 City Budget and Tax Levy to the community at a public hearing on December 2. The Council is proposing a levy increase of 1.54 percent to $9,717,970. The proposed 2014 general fund budget is $11,458,892, which is an increase of $690,847 from the 2013 adopted budget.

So it’s a an increase of nearly $700,000!

Also New Hope residents can look forward to a 5% increase in their water bills. At the December 9 meeting City Manager Kirk McDonald indicated that staff had recommended an 8% increase!! So I suppose that’s a 3% cut!

The Council also voted to throw local government aid into the water fund. So much for tax relief!

They passed 8 resolutions concerning their budget and ALL 8 were passed without discussion or a dissenting vote. Nobody even made a comment. Why would they? they already had their “debate” if they debated at all at work sessions anyway.

I suppose New Hope will now get a reward for their “fiscal responsibility!”

Budget Power Point


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Visual of New Hope Housing Project A $1.9 Million Spending Increase for Brooklyn Park

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