Make it……a Green Party

October 23, 2013 at 5:30 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Once again from the Twilight Zone;

With a little planning, you can make your next event green. Whether the gathering is an upcoming holiday party or a corporate retreat, your planning efforts will reduce waste and increase recycling. has a variety of resources and tips to help you prepare for a successful, green event. Here’s a sampling.

So who cares about Christmas presents…..excuse me Holiday presents!

State your intentions

Make your greening goals known to all involved in planning and execution of an event. Discuss criteria, outcomes and evaluation. Share your goals with attendees, too. Put your expectations in writing in your contracts with the venue, caterer and any other vendors.

Oh come on! Christmas parties are about opening presents, talking to your boring relatives, and eating and drinking. Green planning and executing?

What waste will your event generate?

Have containers to collect recyclables, like glass, cans and paper. Clearly mark them and place them right next to trash cans so they’re easy to use. Serving food?  Provide reusable plates, silverware and cups instead of disposable ones. Switch from individually wrapped condiments, like sugar packets, to bulk versions.  On average, people in the Twin Cities throw two pounds of food per person per week. Reduce the amount of food thrown at your event by having a plan for leftovers. Also, you can check with your county or city recycling coordinator to see if there are options for organics recycling.

A plan for leftovers??? But make sure they are in reusable containers! Recycling coordinator?? What do they get paid?

If you’re exchanging gifts or providing a party favor, consider sustainable items, such as baked goods, a plant or items made from recycled materials.

There’s that word again; sustainable!

Use technology as much as possible to send invitations, manage RSVPs and reduce paper used in meetings.

I wonder what these people think when they watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Is it a classic movie or did they not recycle enough?



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