Transforming Communities and Destroying Your Freedom!

October 7, 2013 at 6:58 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Hennepin County adopted their first “Pedestrian Plan” to try to force people to change their lifestyle. But, I found out recently that it doesn’t end there. This is part of a strategy to “transform communities” through the Community Transformation Grant or CTG;

Community Transformation Grant (CTG) funding through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is helping residents live longer, healthier, more productive lives by:

  • Creating social and physical environments that support healthy living and healthy choices.
  • Avoiding chronic diseases by enabling people to make healthy choices.
  • Reducing health disparities.
  • Controlling health-care spending

Avoid chronic diseases? Control health care spending? What does that mean? Sounds like a way to justify government intervention into anything…..and that’s exactly what they advocate;

1. Active living

Active lifestyles improve health, reduce chronic disease, lower transportation costs, and build safer, stronger communities. Our efforts are:

  • Increasing access to active transportation by helping create community bicycle and pedestrian master plans.
  • Creating safer streets for all users including bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Ensuring increased access to at least 20 minutes per day of active recess for students in grades K–8.

Active transportation? Did we get rid of recess? What are “unsafe streets?”

2. Healthy eating

A balanced diet — low in fat, sodium, and sugar and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and healthy beverages — helps avoid chronic diseases due to overweight and obesity. Our efforts are:

  • Making healthful foods more accessible in institutions such as park and recreation organizations, and after-school programs.
  • Creating healthier K–12 schools by:
    • Conducting nutrition assessments to help guide healthy eating planning.
    • Increasing student access to fruits and vegetables, and healthy beverages.
    • Ensuring food service staff members are properly trained to support healthy eating initiatives.

The kids don’t want to eat fruits and vegetables no matter how much you want to shove them down their throats. And is this really a function of Hennepin County?

  • Creating healthier food offerings in municipal concession stands

Then you will just lose more money then you are already losing!

Here’s an idea; why don’t you stop allowing all the preservatives and MSG that is in our food? Why don’t you stop allowing cows to be pumped with hormones? Oh no, it’s our fault so we need to pay for more “pedestrian friendly” stuff.

3. Quality clinical preventive services

Promoting healthier lifestyles and more effective treatment and monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol levels are aimed at reducing cardiovascular disease and the debilitating effects of stroke and heart disease. Our efforts are:

  • Creating better access, treatment, management, monitoring, and referrals for health clinic patients with or at risk for high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.
  • Increase use of electronic health records and doctor reminder systems to monitor and control high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Electronic records that can be hacked into and shared with government?? No thanks!

4. Tobacco-free living

Reducing the harmful effects of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke are part of this multifaceted approach. Our efforts are:

  • Decreasing exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit rental housing by:Reducing youth exposure to tobacco products in retail outlets.
    • Doubling public housing authorities that have adopted smoke-free practices in the county.
    • Increasing privately owned multi-unit rental housing properties with smoke-free practices.

Oh no second-hand smoke!!!! It’s none of your business what private rental housing is doing you idiots! Mind your own business. And if you want a tobacco free world, then make smoking illegal….oh wait you need the tax money so you can spend, spend, spend on raise it for health…or a Vikings Stadium….or union kickbacks….or whatever.

See this joke here


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