New Hope: Forward or Backward?

August 26, 2013 at 11:00 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

Personally I think the city of New Hope could screw up a one car parade but not surprisingly New Hope Mayor Kathi Hemken disagrees;

Recently I was asked the question, “Is New Hope moving forward or backward?” It took me by surprise as I viewed the many development opportunities in the city recently as progressing forward. Then I realized that I should be telling the community about all of our projects and the steps we are taking to move the city ahead.

We have proposals for two new restaurants – Goose Egg’s Deli and Diner in Village on Quebec and The Claws Restaurant on Bass Lake Road. Outtakes Bar and Grill next to Cinema Grill in the Midland Shopping Center and Marco’s Pizza and Family Video on 42nd have recently opened.

Frankie’s Pizza in Winnetka Commons and Gion’s in Post Haste Square have both expanded as has the Winnetka Shell-Jade Auto Service station on Bass Lake Road. ARC Value Village is doing an 8000 square-foot expansion at Midland Shopping Center, and the entire center is getting a facelift.

Now of course K-Mart has left, so has TCBY, so has Grizzley’s Pizza and soon Sunshine Factory is moving so it sounds to me like a wash,

The city will be receiving presentations from three potential developers of the former K-Mart site (in the City Center area).

No High Density Housing!

We are near to closing on the purchase of the Winnetka Learning Center site with the school district and have seen two proposals from developers to build single-family homes on that site.

No High Density Housing!!!!

Hope Health Care, which is a senior day care, is proposing to move into Village on Quebec.

And what is going where they were?

Businesses are starting to be interested in New Hope and deciding to locate here. I take that as a sign that we are moving forward. AutoZone has purchased the property on Bass Lake Road where Jack’s Gas Station was and will be building a new store there. Two old buildings are being renovated for new businesses, one on Bass Lake Road and the other in the Winnetka Mall. Since the beginning of the year, the city has issued 154 building permits with a total value of more than $9 million.

This looks like moving forward to me.

And if the city was going backwards, would you even admit it?

Our New Hope Community Farmer’s Market is a huge success, our Park and Recreation Department continues to add new programs to suit our residents, our police and fire departments are fabulous and city taxes are stable.

We have adopted a number of ordinances to help maintain the appearance of the city and are actively enforcing them. This is a work in progress. Can we do better? Absolutely. Are we making progress? You bet.

We have a very detailed comprehensive plan and are moving forward with it in mind. It is a never ending process to improve the city. It is your city and mine, and I truly believe, that as a team, we are moving forward.

I suggest you residents of New Hope READ the comprehensive plan and see what the city really has planned!

Comprehensive Plan



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