Roswell Chicken Man Found Dead Over Property Rights Dispute

August 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm Leave a comment

by Jason Bradley

This is an interesting story. The byline sure grabs you, but the story is every bit as fascinating as the title. What does it come down to? It’s a story about a government that pushed someone too far in trying to regulate something that they had no business sticking their noses into. Here is the background story:

The “Chicken”Man” took his City to court and won… twice. That wasn’t good enough. The county had to get involved. The county made sure to include Andrew’s property in their 2030 comprehensive plan. That phrase should be no stranger to the regular readers of this blog. It is a plan that a lot of Cities, Counties, and regional planning authorities use to redesign their communities to run mass transit (especially light rail), walking and biking trails, parks, alluring big business into their area, etc. The major problem with this, is that they identify large areas of private property, and through eminent domain (a fancy term for forcing someone off their property) violate the property rights of the owners of that land. We’ve seen similar behavior here in our own backyard.

The governor of Georgia was even on his side, and the local governments continued to push him, and it eventually ended in his death. You can read about it here:   (Link provided by Crystal Councilman Casey Peak)

The important thing, is that we understand our rights to own property, and how to protect it. Unlawful taking of property by force is theft, even if government is behind it.


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