As if Light Rail Isn’t Bad Enough….

April 24, 2013 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

By Andrew Richter

You think that light rail is a bad idea and a huge waste of taxpayer dollars? Well, check out this story from the Sun Post;

The plan for a streetcar traveling along West Broadway in Robbinsdale may become a reality.

Oh yippy!!!!

Though the concept is barely off the ground, Charles Carlson, senior manager with bus rapid transit – small starts with Metro Transit, said the Broadway Transit Study will look at the possibility of incorporating transportation to help connect areas to the Bottineau Transitway LRT.

“We have a proposed amendment to the transportation policy plan to bring the Bottineau LRT and two rapid transit lines to Minneapolis,” Carlson said. “There’s a growing interest in street cars that would spark economic development.

There is? Where?

We are starting to talk at the staff development level what a study would include, who would fund and lead it. We are still working on that, but it’s likely that Metro Transit will lead the project.”

In other words, it’s yet another study billed to the taxpayers.

Carlson said the study will begin to look where the possible streetcar would travel. One of the areas they may look at is West Broadway Avenue in Robbinsdale and have a streetcar connect into downtown Minneapolis and with the Bottineau Transitway.

“It’s in the very early stages,” Carlson said of the survey. “We are getting agency input on what even the study would include. We went up to Robbinsdale to identify a policy maker. If we get everyone to say ‘yes, we can do a study,’ the next step would be to identify a project manger and develop a scope and get a consultant on board to begin the study.”

If a study does occur, Carlson said it would be over the year and that it won’t be ready for public input until the end of 2013. He said that although there is a lot of interest in a street car (a modern, smaller version of a light rail vehicle that runs by wires and tracks), the study will include other modes of transportation as well.

Here’s an idea to you lug nuts…how about you get public input BEFORE you do a study at our expense????

The Robbinsdale City Council briefly discussed the streetcar possibility during the April 9 city council meeting. It was decided that Councilmember Pat Backen will attend the Broadway Transit Study in May, with Councilmember George Selman serving as his alternate.

“There’s always been a talk of enhanced  busing to link up with the Bottineau Transitway,” Backen said. “The meeting in May will include city, county and Met Council policy makers and talk about what the study might entail.”

Though the future of a West Broadway streetcar improvement is uncertain, Selman said that he could see why it may be a benefit to Robbinsdale.

“I’m not even for or against it yet because we don’t know the plan yet,” he said. “Within some limitations, I support whatever we can do to support the LRT.”

So let’s waste as much money as we can as long as we get LRT???? Good God!

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