Bitter Bowman “Out With a Bang”

December 29, 2012 at 3:39 pm 5 comments

By Andrew Richter

It’s been obvious the past two months that ReNae Bowman is taking her election loss really hard. One the hand, I’ve been there personally. I’ve lost elections myself and worked very hard for candidates who have lost. On the other hand, it’s often said that true “character” come out in defeat rather than victory. If that is so, then we are seeing ReNae’s true character.

It began right after the as the Sun Post reported that Jim Adams had won. Bowman was hardly gracious in defeat. She made two interesting comments in the Sun Post;

Bowman: “I have some concerns that now the community is divided. Before it was a pretty cohesive community.”

Hmm….ReNae let me ask you something; Have you ever wondered WHY we are divided? Perhaps the tax increases, unneccessary road re-striping, special assessments, light rail plans, and plans to close the airport are unpopular with some citizens. What are we supposed to do of we disagree with the council? Should we just shut up so we can remain “cohesive?” I think what ReNae really means is that she’s upset the majority of people don’t agree with her.

Here is another lovely comment;

“I’ve accomplished so much in the past eight years in a way of building the community and making it stronger and much of it has gone unseen.”

Gone unseen? Well at least she’s modest. What kind of person says something like this when they lose an election? Let me translate this for you; she’s saying that she is so great and can’t understand why us idiots can’t see it.

Full Sun Post Article

it didn’t stop there… no. When it came time for the canvassing board to certify the November election results on November 15 special council meeting, here’s how the vote went.;

By roll call and voting aye:  Deshler, Hoffmann, Moore, Selton, Anderson, and Budziszewski.  Abstention: Bowman.

Bowman abstained??? She wouldn’t certify Jim Adams as the winner? I wonder if she certified the elections when she won? And sure enough during the primary when Bowman defeated, Adams, and myself, here’s how the vote went;

Voting aye:  Bowman, Budziszewski, Deshler, Selton, and Anderson.  Absent, not voting:  Hoffmann and Moore.

So the elections she wins are okay to vote for.

Then it came to her “farewell speech” on December 18. There were two other members who were also at their last meeting; Dave Anderson and Janet Moore.

Anderson spoke first. While we’ve had our differences with him on policy, Anderson was gracious.

Anderson: “I didn’t write a speech, which is probably good. I do want to thank the residents of Crystal for electing me to five terms on the city council and I’d like to thank family, friends, and neighbors for supporting me through the years including my mother who is still around.” 

Anderson also thanked council members and staff, past and present. It was simple and nice to hear.

Janet Moore came next. She chose not to run for re-election. Moore thanked the citizens who elected her, said it was an honor to serve, mentioned that she is going to continue to serve on the Shingle Creek Watershed Commission, and that she wants to take some time to help care for her parents. The speech was short and simple.

Mayor Bowman came next.

The speech began innocently.

Bowman: “Wow well I don’t know how you sum up eight years… has been an absolute joy to bring five years of school board experience, years of community organizing, and all the other things that have graced my life to the table.”

OK sounds fine so far…..but it didn’t last. She decided to use this forum to talk about the election. She began talking about West Metro Fire.

Bowman: “It cast a dirty sense to the election this year, and I want people to hear from my mouth what occurred in this situation…… was somewhat of a dirty election here in the city of Crystal as I’ve seen it. This election was not based on truth. It was a campaign waged on perception and personality.”

Well ReNae welcome to politics. Is this the first election when perception and personality “allegedly” played a role?

Bowman: Lies were told, and I was demonized. Even the husband of one of our council candidates got in on the mud tossing and spreading of lies and he never he met me and he never talked to me as was true of other local bloggers and discontents.”

Now is the shot about local bloggers a reference to me??? Lies were told. Okay by who? What were the lies? I think the husband she is talking about is Michael Libby (Laura Libby’s husband). What lies did he tell, or did he just not support or agree with you? I’ve been demonized and am hated by people I never met as well but I don’t play the victim.

Bowman: “This type of dirty politicking only serves to diminish the accountability so necessary in protecting tax dollars and also serves to build a network of cronyism that protects some and punishes others.”

Now I don’t have a clue what she is talking about here. Jim Adams, Laura Libby, and Casey Peak (the three new council members) have never been elected to office so what “network of cronyism” are they protecting?

Bowman: “Issues were never discussed but my personality was drug through the mud. This election was a smearing of my reputation born of revenge.”

Really? I personally campaigned for this job. I talked to people at the frolics, parades, national night out, debates, local conventions, and door to door. I recall ISSUES on the minds of people, not personality. I don’t remember people telling me that they hated ReNae but I did talk to people who were not happy about the city’s direction. Those two things aren’t the same.

Bowman then claimed that she “dared to ask questions about the West Metro Budget, its spending practices, and treatment of some of the employees.”

Of course, this is another one of ReNae’s tactics; anytime the heat is on her she blames others and plays the victim.

Bowman: “I asked those questions because it was my job to protect the public dollars and the rights of citizens in this community and to make sure we kept a level playing field.”

OK well again that all sounds like good rhetoric but she then said that a “red flag” to her was when the Fire Chief improperly included himself in a 2011 pay raise after saying the raise didn’t apply to him. Now if this is the truth, then that’s a reason to be mad at the fire chief, NOT a reason to pull out of West Metro Fire.

She claimed other questions she asked went unanswered and to this day remain unanswered.

She then played the victim again;

Bowman: “I should be able to ask questions without the previous Board chair calling me names in the local paper, without the fire chief’s mom saying nasty and vile things about me publicly, and without having my home threatened by a firefighter……I was the one who asked the questions but was treated like a criminal for wanting to protect tax dollars and that should scare the citizens.”

Really? Well how about when me and my friends were before the council on December 4 to oppose the Green Step Program you treated us like garbage. That scares me far more than a raise for the fire chief.

Bowman then took cheap shots about ethics.

Bowman: “Some questioned the ethics of my marriage (to fellow council person Joe Selton)……questioning the ethics is a one-sided exercise in a new power group within this community.”

Is she speaking about us or me??? I’m flattered by how much power people think I posses but I doubt the 5500 people who voted against ReNae did so because of her marriage.

She then took more cheap shots, this one at fellow council person Julie Deshler

Bowman: We have a council member who sells items to the city and that causes me concern, and that’s not a conflict.” 

Then one at Jim Adams:

Bowman: “Our new mayor won’t leave his fire post and he will voting on pay and pension issues.”

This is a lie. I have spoken to Jim Adams personally and he’s told me he is going to abstain from voting on this. He has also spoken to the city attorney on this who agreed with Adams that there is no conflict.

Then even a shot a former council member Garry Grimes;

Bowman: “Was it ethical for a past council member to be related to the fire chief and keep it secret.”

I think Fire Chief Scott Crandall is related to Mrs. Grimes, but you can judge whether that’s a conflict or not.

Bowman: “I believe each of these scenarios I describe post ethical issues and create problems but those at the center of the situation just say nope they aren’t violations but my marriage was.”

So in other words, it’s OK if YOU raise ethical issues, but not OK for others….got it. And by the way, it seems as though Bowman questioned the ethics of her relationship with Mr. Selton herself. Here is an article about it in the Sun Post;

When Bowman and Selton entered into a relationship, Bowman discussed it with both the city manager and city attorney to make sure no lines were being crossed. They haven’t heard much negativity about their relationship, but Bowman reminds the citizens that even though they may be engaged, there are still five other people on the council. “When people make comments, they forget that it’s seven people making decisions,” Bowman said. “Nothing will change other than the fact that we live together. Citizens can expect the same dedication.”

Full Article

She kept going;

Bowman: “I’ve worked very hard to disband the croynism in this city and I see the clock turning back on that. I was demonized with words like nasty and vile… was a sad day to lose to the dark side.”

Dark side? You call the majority of people who voted against you the dark side and then wonder why the community is divided?

Then like a split personality she suddenly turns happy;

Bowman: “I want to thank all of those citizens that have made me a better mayor because you brought problems to me and you said these things are not acceptable to us as citizens in this community and we want these changes.”

Well, ReNae your welcome…..never knew you thought that about me.

Bowman: I’m worried that right now we have a city that is divided because this vote was not a mandate.”

That’s something a losing candidate always says. But here’s the thing; Bowman got 65% of the vote 2008 and 48% in 2012. What does that tell you?

She then thanked staff, fellow council members, and her husband Joe Selton.

Now that’s going out with a bang!

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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Rockin' Grannie  |  December 29, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Wow – besides speaking a lot of gobbledeegook, and giving herself credit where none is due, she kept going back to her claim of “protecting tax dollars”. Oh really – what was the whole street restriping if not a make work project? She bought into the Agenda 21/Green Steppe BS imposed by her non-elected masters and they pat themselves on the back for “creating jobs”. Meanwhile most citizens/taxpayers are pissed about this stupid waste of time and money that must be repealed. We’ll have to pay for it twice.

  • 2. Paul Seefeld  |  December 30, 2012 at 12:44 am

    Wow!! Wish I was there… I probably wouldn’t have contained myself and would have been kicked out.

  • 3. ichimunki  |  December 30, 2012 at 9:25 am

    My favorite is that Bowman insisted rather precisely that her term on the West Metro Fire District board doesn’t end for another year, but read this and tell me if it doesn’t look like her term is up tomorrow.

    Further, Bowman’s statements about Mayor Adams voting on his own pay raise are ludicrous. He will be asked to vote on an entire budget which includes the allocation to the WMFD. The amount of that allocation is set by the WMFD board, which he not going to serve on in spite of his seat on the city council. The spending of that money is then according to the directives of the WMFD board. Mayor Adams is fairly well removed from any raise he might see in his firefighter’s pay and I think the rest of the council (and the WMFD board) serve as a pretty strong “check and balance” (to use Bowman’s own reasoning) on his ability to unfairly influence his own pay.

  • 4. Josh  |  December 30, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Some things I learned from Renee the past few months.

    1. She is not a vile and nasty person. She can talk trash about her constituents, about the incoming officers, and some of her fellow community leaders, because she does it in the name of “heart and passion”.

    2. If you care about the community, that’s great, but only if you agree with Renee. If you disagree with her you are only trying to hijack the proceedings. You’re no better than a common terrorist in her eyes.

    3. She has done many great things for the community. If you don’t know what they are, ask her. She’ll tell you.

    I cannot believe how she doesn’t see herself being a problem in the so-called “divided community”. How do you lose 15 percent of your votes in 4 years? Obviously it’s something she is doing, but somehow she’ll find somewhere else to put the blame.

    I truly hope the door hits her hard on the way out. Maybe it will knock some sense into her. January 3rd cannot get here quickly enough.

    Even as a huge Jim Adams guy, I hope you can continue to pressure him into making the right decisions Andrew. You know the power you wield!

  • […] HERE is the article we wrote on it. We will analyze her “farewell speech” at a different date. […]


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