The Localist Papers- Part 9- Conclusion

November 3, 2012 at 12:55 am Leave a comment

Part 9- Conclusion

We have spent weeks looking at how our government is supposed to be designed, and how it has been twisted over time to fit the needs of those that desire power. Fear of the people, and payoffs to localities that abide by decisions made somewhere else, have put us in a tough spot. This is not meant to bring despair, but to give us a foundation to become resolute in our purpose.

It is our duty to be watchful of what they do, what they say, and what their long term goals are. It is our duty to become involved in government, and to hold them accountable. We must do our homework, so that we can elect people to office that have our best interests in mind.

No doubt, you will hear rebuttal from the power hungry. They will make excuses that “this is the way things must be done” or “we just don’t understand”. If we don’t understand, it’s because they’ve complicated the issues. It should be simple. We deserve to live lives where we are free to pursue happiness in the manner we most see fit, without government intrusion. If we infringe on the rights of our neighbors, there are plenty of laws to hold people accountable.

Our little republics must be restored. Each city must have a new charter that protects the people. Ordinances must be pared down. Those who put special interests before their constituents must be removed at the ballot box. Please, be involved!

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