The Localist Papers Part 7- Problem: Taxation

September 24, 2012 at 10:03 am Leave a comment

Part 7- Problem: Taxation

Last time, we saw how instead of providing a bulwark against the encroachments of the County or State governments, our City Councils are vessels for the implementation of their restrictive policies through intimidation and control of their residents.

One place we see this more than any other, is in that of taxation. No other area is purposely kept more complicated and secretive. In fact, the Crystal City Charter states: “Section 5.01. Powers of the People. The people of the city reserve for themselves the power, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter (a) to initiate and adopt ordinances ((b) to require ordinances) except ordinances appropriating money or authorizing the levy of taxes…”  That’s right, we have no voice in how our money is spent, or how much of our money they are able to spend. They can raise taxes whenever they wish. They can’t have you interfering with their plans.

During bad economic times, they have not stopped costly road reconstruction projects that place additional levies against our property taxes. The municipal pool only covers 75% of its costs through operation.  These are two examples of poor planning in rough times. They continue to raise property taxes. We are not allowed to have a voice in this process. Sure, we can give feedback, but they will still do as they please.

When there is no accountability, we assure ourselves of being the recipients of whatever policies they create. We must have a voice in all matters.


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