The Localist Papers Part 6- Problem: Big Control

September 7, 2012 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

Part 6- Problem: Big Control

Last time, I proved that concentration of power takes away the voice of the people. This allows for the Council to easily accept policy from high above. Co. Rd. 81 and the mandated sump pump inspections are examples of how the Metropolitan Council and Hennepin County have had their way with us, with no push-back from the City.

Hennepin County has said that Co. Rd 81 would not be refinished, if Crystal did not accept their plan to widen the existing road. Despite the public outcry, the Council caved.

Despite specific prior Supreme Court rulings, Crystal decided to threaten certain residents with fines and shutting off their water, should they require the City to seek a search warrant for the inspection. They cited the pressure from the Metropolitan Council, and the “good of the community”. So, according to Mayor Bowman, any of our constitutional rights can be breached, at any time, in the name of the “public good”. Our rights are there to protect us from just such an occasion.

There are many ordinances that restrict the use of private property and private business.  The requirement of licenses turns rights into privileges. The Economic Development Authority (EDA) uses taxpayer dollars to force you out of your home, if they want your land.

It’s all about power; power over you. As we previously stated from Thomas Jefferson, the local government should provide a barrier from unconstitutional, top-down government. Instead, they are helping to facilitate it, and as a result, limit our freedoms.

Next time we’ll look into taxation. Keep your eyes open!


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