The Localist Papers- A case for an independent local government: part 1

April 26, 2012 at 9:47 pm Leave a comment

Part 1- Where we find ourselves today

Local politics are confusing. There is little coverage of the majority of city and county issues. There are just too many things for local papers to cover them all. It takes an enormous commitment to watch every city council meeting. Issues are settled in committees, keeping issues buried until an agreement is reached.

When is the last time your intervention changed the minds of your city council? For example, we had packed Crystal’s City Council meeting to standing room only against the County Road 81 project, and our City and County representatives scoffed in our faces.

We must get a private kennel license for owning three or more pets. We are trespassing if we use local baseball fields. We are not allowed to use the 4th amendment of the constitution (and Supreme Court precedence) to keep the City out of our homes without a search warrant. They threaten residents into compliance by promising to shut off essential services. Huge tax assessments are levied for special road re-construction projects during tough times.

This is not a bunch of empty accusations and complaints. I will release a series of posts backing up these claims, laying the foundation for how we got here, and how we can fix it. I hope that you will keep an open mind as I lay out my case, and at the end, commit to do whatever it takes to restore our local governments to fight for our best interests.

Thank you.


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