West Metro Fire Laugh In Continues…..

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The incoherent nonsense from Crystal and New Hope just never ceases to amaze us! From the Sun Post;

The Crystal and New Hope City Councils had their third joint working session on Feb. 2 in hopes of ironing out differences within the jointly operated West Metro-Fire Rescue District. The meetings came after a proposed disillusion of the joint powers agreement from Crystal Mayor ReNae Bowman, which she later took off the table. Chad Weinstein, president of Ethical Leaders in Action, was brought in to act as a facilitator between the two cities to see if the issues could be resolved.

“I think we’ll have at least two more of these meetings,” Weinstein said. “We just aren’t there yet.” Weinstein started the Feb. 2 meeting asking the two councils if anything had been brought up between meetings. “There were questions raised about whether we should continue,” Weinstein said. “I was advised that we are to proceed.”

Yes and since you are paid $200 an hour Mr. Weinstein, I’m sure you want these meetings to continue.

Bowman said her concern about the proceedings is the breakdown of trust within the community. Karsten Nelson of Crystal, captain of Fire Station 2 in Crystal, has filed a formal request for all emails Bowman authored or responded to between June 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011, which pertain to the West Metro Fire-Rescue District. “Any sort of request for emails, part of me says, ‘is this strategy,'” Bowman said. “I take it seriously. I want to know what people are having trouble with. The trust issues we can fix by talking about it.”

A strategy? Let’s see Mayor Bowman; you go out and rip the city of New Hope, rip the fire department, and rip their leaders, and now you complain about a breakdown of trust in the community?

Members of the New Hope City Council seemed to be just as surprised at the filing, and Councilmember John Elder said he isn’t sure where the request came from. “If we said we would like to see this, I could see where trust would be a real serious issue,” he said. “If it was made by an outside participant, I don’t think it would show lack of trust between these two councils. I would like to see these meetings continue.”

The New Hope City Council struggled to accept the allegations that have come forward, said Councilmember Eric Lammle. “It’s not about what happened to lead up to it,” he said. “We need to focus more on how to move forward, and how we move forward together.”

Bowman said that she has heard unflattering comments in the community and the statements have come off as unhealthy and unfair. “I’ve heard things like, ‘the mayor better be careful that her house doesn’t start on fire,'” Bowman said. “I understand, but I’ve heard way too much out there.”

So in other words if you disagree with Mayor Bowman or her condescending conduct, then just shut up!

In hopes to repair the verbal damages expressed by the community and fire department, Crystal Councilmember Julie Deshler suggested that it might be a good idea to hear from the firefighters. “One way to heal this might be to allow firefighters to have input group meetings,” she said. “Not a free for all, but a chance to step up to the plate.”

Crystal Councilmember Joe Selton said a public meeting may be a step in the right direction, but with a fear of retaliation, they would be able to calm some of the issues. “With a public forum, we could get some issues out there right now,” he said. “If the board does their job as far as figuring out issues with the fire department and the relationship we have, that forum would be important to do, but some people may not say a word.”

Yeah, we wouldn’t want you to be bothered by a public forum, and whatever happens we can always count on Joe Selton to do what he always does; vote with the majority!

The city councils were both in agreement that negative public outcry will not help the situation. It might do just the opposite.

Huh? What does that mean? Negative public outcry will not help? Maybe the public is trying to send you a message! Heaven forbid you actually listen once in a while.

“We should strive to do right; we may not all agree, but we are all acting in good faith,” New Hope Councilmember Dan Stauner said. “Everyone up here is acting on good faith in what we see is the best interest of the community.” “It needs to stop,” added Bowman. “The success or failure will be based on these proceedings, not back -alley bent-nosed behavior. I thank you, Dan. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Back-alley bent-nosed behavior?? Who’s guilty of that?

The councils will meet for another joint session Feb. 23.

“It’s certainly a step in the right direction and will help mitigate to know that none of us support that type of behavior,” Bowman said. If the two cities cannot come to a consensus on finance and operation issues by Aug. 1, the fire district will begin a dissolution process.

What type of behavior Mayor Bowman? Disagreeing with you?? Give us a break! Perhaps in the future let’s force the two city councils to pay Chad Weinstein the $200 an hour out of their own pockets!


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