Another Letter About Douglas Drive

October 21, 2011 at 5:15 am Leave a comment

Yet another letter to the editor expressing frustration about the decision to take two lanes out of Douglas Drive was submitted to the sun post;

Re-striping Douglas makes driving a difficult task

I read a couple of letters written by Laurie Moser and Tom Slupske in the Sun Post regarding the restriping of Douglas Drive and I must say, I completely agree. It is ridiculous how difficult it is to get on to Douglas Drive from the many side streets. Then once you are on Douglas Drive you deal with increased traffic regardless if it is rush hour or bad weather.

Sometimes it is due to drivers that don’t know how to use the yellow striped turn lanes or because there is only one lane, they think they should drive 25 miles per hour. I am serious. I have encountered many times when there is a line of cars because one driver chooses to drive significantly below the posted speed limit.

Anyone remember last winter when there was just a slight coating of snow on the road and cars didn’t use the middle yellow striped lane, but chose to go about halfway between both lanes making it impossible to go around them? I used to use Douglas Drive frequently, but due to all of the above conditions I avoid it as much as possible, which is really too bad considering I only live a couple of blocks from it.

It is apparent to me the individuals responsible for this re-striping mess do not have access to Douglas Drive from any side streets or use the street on a daily basis. I, too, wish they would re-stripe it back to four lanes. I realize there are many bikers out there. I enjoy very much getting out and riding my bike as often as I can, but I can sure find better places to go then on Douglas Drive.

Brian Anderson,Crystal

While we disagree with Mr. Anderson that there are “many bikers” (we hardly see any), we appreciate his letter and understand his frustration. We’re with you Brian!  Re-stripe Douglas back to four lanes and while we are at it, re-stripe 36th, Bass Lake Road, and Medicine Lake Road back to four lanes as well!!!

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