Met Council’s Budget

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You want to know know where the unconstitutional and unelected Met Council gets it’s money and what they spend it on?  Here is where it comes from;

State Funds $219,958,256

Wastewater Fees and Sewer Availability Charges $207,440,000

Transit Fares $100,724,775

Property Taxes $ 71,805,111

Property taxes?  Isn’t that taxation without representation?

Federal Funds $ 87,492,375

Someone please tell us why the federal government is sending money to a third party organization.  Why is the money being sent there instead of our legislature which is supposed to make policy and appropriate funds?  Could it be so you the taxpayer have no say in the matter?

Here is our favorite category;

Other $ 28,088,063

Other?  What if the IRS knocked on your front door and asked you where $28,000,000 million came from and you said “other.”  Nice transparency!  If you are going to tax us without representation, the least you can do is define “other.”

For a Grant total of…..$715,508,580

Yes!  They take in $715 million!

However, as with all government, it’s not the taxing so much as the spending!  Here is what the expenses were for 2010;

Transportation $378,656,049

Environmental Services $120,493,941

Debt Service $140,929,993

Pass Through $ 78,253,455

Planning and Administration $ 20,255,814

Total; $738,589,252

So they are operating at a $23,080,672 loss!  We must be “investing” the extra money!

By the way here is what they spent in 2007;

State Funds $215,331,124

Wastewater Fees and Service Availability Charges $189,961,000

Transit Fares $ 83,006,296

Property Taxes $ 67,404,805

Federal Funds $ 81,434,149

Other $ 18,655,814

Grand total $655,793,188

Wow, that other category has grown 51% in the past three years!  Property taxes are up $4,000,000, transit fares are up $17,000,000, and fees and services are up $18,000,000!

Overall, the Met Council has received almost a $60,000,000 increase in the past three years or 9.2%.  Even in these tough times where everyone is tightening their belts, this unelected council continues to spend, and spend, and spend with no end in sight.  Write, email, and call your legislators and tell them to disband this unconstitutional form of government!

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