Notes from June 9th Meeting

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Notes from June 9, 2009 Community Solutions Meeting

Attendance of 12


1) Core Knowledge-

  • Learn to read (Grades 1-3), read to learn (after grade 3)- Candace
  • Always learning writing- Rex
  • Ask local employers for input- Ron
  • 1/3 of students take remedial classes- Rex
  • STRIVE through Rotary club helping in the classroom- Linda
  • Partner better with business community (science, trades, health, math)- Linda

2) Students are getting challenged-

  • Grade differentiation- Rex
  • Groups not grades- Rex
  • Broken homes, mobility, immigration have all increased- Karen
  • Use high school students as mentors- Candace
  • Computers can be used to challenge students at any grade level- John
  • Could businesses donate old technology to schools?- Karen
  • Research local businesses that could possibly donate technology- Linda

3) Cultural Experiences-

  • RSI detriment to cultural experiences in other schools?- John
  • RSI and IB attract better learners- Tom
  • Add more immersion programs at other schools- Tom
  • AP and IB are competing, should use only one- Ron
  • Need detailed cost analysis of AP vs. IB- John
  • Too many small programs for small groups, as it draws resources away- Ron
  • Should have Career Day at schools annually


1) Communication-

  • Group agreed communication in RAS is a problem, mostly with non-parents
  • Try everything all the time and be relentless!- John
  • Is it a trust issue?- Linda
  • Web should be central- Rex
  • Fix district website- Rex
  • Talk to community leaders and Human Rights Commissions- Linda
  • District is engaging in one-way communication- Ron
  • Must increase dialogue- Ron
  • Current communication feels like advertising to sell agenda- Karen
  • HOMEWORK: Study website for ideas
  • The District’s geography is a issue for communication (very large area & diverse people

2) Standardization of reporting-

  • Use MN Dept. of Ed. format for reporting finances so that people can compare between districts- Ron
  • What does it cost to run the district and what can we afford?- Rex
  • Executive summary of budget?- Rex
  • What is the best way to communicate?- John
  • Best way to communicate? Ask- Ron
  • Who is the customer: each taxpayer- Candace
  • HOMEWORK: what financial items are important in an executive summary?
  • Are the current programs working?
  • Cost of Program vs. its benefits?

3) Standardization of graduation statistics

  • How do you balance high and low performers?- John
  • Innovation: thinking outside the box- Helen
  • Need local control over state or federal control to think outside the box- Jason
  • Try experimental education techniques- Jason
  • System needs to change- Ron

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